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Creative Ways To Celebrate the Holidays.

Time-honored traditions are fine in their place. Every once in a while, however, it can be fun to try something new. Who knows, a creative celebration that you try this year may become a new tradition.

You may have several celebrations with different groups of people: family, of course, but also friends and/or co-workers. The celebrations you hold with each group are likely a little different from one another. However, you can find creative ways to celebrate with all three.
Christmas at Lotte World. :)
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Another great idea that can work with almost any group is to work together to do something charitable during the holidays. There are plenty of ways to spend time together while supporting a worthy cause, such as a toy drive, a bake sale, or serving food to the disadvantaged.
A very Korean Christmas basket.
The holidays can be a touchy time at the office, especially if your workplace is particularly diverse. However, you can change this perceived negative into a positive by holding a multicultural festival. Just about every culture has some sort of celebration this time of year. You can ask workers to bring traditional dishes and take the opportunity to learn more about the backgrounds of others.

An ugly sweater party is also a fun way to celebrate without privileging any one culture. The popularity of such parties has given rise to a whole ugly sweater industry, and looking silly together at a gathering puts everyone on the same level.
Lee Dong Wook makes an ugly sweater look good. :)
In 21st-century America, people tend to associate costume parties with Halloween. Traditionally, however, masquerade balls were held during the winter holiday season. With post-Halloween markdowns, you and your friends should be able to find inexpensive costumes easily, and for a touch of class, you can rent a ballroom and hire a DJ for the occasion.

During the festive time of year, people in communities all across the country decorate their houses with lights to create some stunning displays. It costs very little to find or rent a car for the evening, drive around, and dazzle yourselves.
EXO Christmas!
One great way to spend time together as a family is with a holiday-themed read-aloud. These can be the traditional seasonal stories, but they don't have to be. You can choose new favorites as well. You can stretch this activity out over several days or weeks, allowing each family member to choose a book to read.
Yue loves Christmas in Korea! :)
You do not need to confine the decorations to one or two areas of the house. You can help your kids decorate their own rooms for the holidays and encourage them to get creative.
Creative celebrations are a good way to remind yourself and those around you what is important this holiday season: spending quality time with people you care about.

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