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Spotlight | Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Brow Kit.

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my hands on the Gandoll Brow Kit by Vice Cosmetics. Hooray!

The complete collection was launched (supposed-to-be) nationwide way back in July, but for some unknown reason, the Vice Cosmetics stall inside the department store here at SM San Pablo didn't have them in stock. My friends and I would drop by the stall every so often with hopes of finally seeing the Gandoll Brow Collection on display, but alas, it was a disappointment every time. It wasn't until early September when the brow products finally saw the light of day, and our anticipation eventually came to an end.
Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Brow Kit.
The Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Brow Collection includes two different products with four color choices for each. The shades are Light Brown, Ash Brown, Soft Brown, and Natural Brown. I chose Soft Brown because it's the shade that matches my current hair color and it closely resembles the shade of my perennial favorite brow pencil.
Soft Brown.
The Micro Brow Pencil is a retractable, ultra-slim brow pencil that shapes and defines the brows with ease and precision. This brow pencil has got to be the slimmest brow pencil that I've seen - and tried - so far.
Vice Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Php 195
Surprisingly, this pencil a tough cookie. It doesn't break easily, and it's quite easy to work with. It has great staying power (lasted for the entire day without touch-ups) and is nicely pigmented, however you won't be able to fully appreciate the color unless you use it on your brows. (Tip: Try the product on your brows if you're purchasing from Vice Cosmetics kiosks/stores.) 

Another impressive feature of this product is its ingredients. The Micro Brow Pencil contains castor oil which promotes hair growth, and vitamin E which nourishes each strand of (brow) hair. Here's hoping that my brows will grow thicker with the help of this product, haha fingers crossed. :)
Vice Cosmetics Volumizing Brow Gel in Soft Brown, Php 195.
The Volumizing Brow Gel, on the other hand, is a tinted brow gel which contains fibers that give volume and shape to your brows. I usually stay away from brow gels because I really have sparse, almost non-existent eyebrows, but I purchased this anyway just to give it try. 
Swatches: Micro Brow Pencil in Soft Brown on the left,
Volumizing Brow Gel in Soft Brown on the right.
This brow gel is nicely pigmented and has a soft, flexible hold on the very few tuffed/stubble hairs that I have on my brows. The gel doesn't feel clumpy when applied, but I wish the spoolie that came with it was thinner for a more precise application. Not everyone is blessed with naturally bushy brows, but those who are could work with just the Volumizing Brow Gel and get great results. Oh, the envy! :)
Drawing lines with the Micro Brow Pencil in Soft Brown.
Adding a bit of the Volumizing Brow Gel + filling in the brows.
Tadaa! Now I have eyebrows! :)
Overall, the Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Brow Collection is quite impressive, considering the quality, price (Php 195 each), and shade selection. Best of all, they're locally and widely available. Now I don't have to ask for friends in Japan or wait for the next Korea trip to buy brow products that work for me. :)

You can purchase the Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Brow Collection at Vice Cosmetics stores and kiosks nationwide, at the Vice Cosmetics official website, or at the Vice Cosmetics flagship stores in Lazada, Shopee, and BeautyMNL.

14 replies:

Michi said...

Nacurious na ko sa Vice Cosmetics. Matry nga at hindi naman pala masakit sa bulsa.

The Lifestyle Check said...

that looks very nice on you.. Di ko pa na check out tang brand ni vice.

Lei said...

Ang ganda ng review!! Love ko ang lipstick ng vice cosmetics mura pero maganda

Mommy Rockin In Style said...

I would love to try this. I have tried their lip kits and ang ganda nga nila. At least may other option na ako aside sa EB for local brands.

Ayi said...

I like the hashtag ah. Makes cosmetics affordable to everyone :)

berlin said...

ove seen this you posted sa ig and fb. yet to try this one as i love the effect it creates to you.

MajLife Blogs said...

Im using Vice Cosmetics Liptint.. I love it. Nice din nitong brow ang kaso di tlaga ako. Maka Brow hehehe
Pero matry nga din to

Gwen said...

Want to try it too! :)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Honestly, I don't know how to groom my brow. Pinababayaan ko lang sya. Mai-try nga ito.

Mom Nessly said...

I love Vice Cosmetics! they really are of good quality. Their lipsticks have great shades too that's perfect for pinays. Would love to try this brow gel too.

Purple Pieces said...

What i love about VC is the budget-friendly price, and their products ae not bad huh. I have a few of their lippies and I love them! I might try the brow gel :)

Janice said...

I haven't tried Vice Banda's cosmetic line yet but have heard good things about it. Might be time for me to give it a try. :)

Fully Housewifed said...

galing mo naman magmake up! hirap ng kilay, sa totoo lang. but i love vice cosmetics. and yes, affordable for teh quality

Lucky Finds said...

A good brow frames one's face in a good way. I wish I have the talent.