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iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN SEOUL (Korea Version)


The 1st Shoshinkan Invitational Tournament + Life Lessons from Karatedo.

Still on a high from last week's belt promotion, the kids of Demuraha Shito-Ryu Genbukai Laguna (aka our kids) took on another challenge - their first invitational karatedo tournament.
Demuraha Shito-Ryu Genbukai Laguna, represent! 
Hosted by Shoshinkan International Philippines, this event is also a first for the Quezon-based organization. The inaugural tournament was held last Saturday (June 1), at the Sentrong Pangkabuhayan in Pagbilao, Quezon.
The 1st Shoshinkan International Philippines Invitational Karatedo Tournament.
More or less 100 karatekas, mostly from Calabarzon, participated in the event. Most of the karatekas were Shoshinkan practitioners, while some were Shotokan practitioners. Our kids were the only ones who practiced Shito-Ryu, and the smallest delegation at that.
The Voltes V of Demuraha Shito-Ryu Genbukai Laguna. :)
Participants listening to the rules and regulations of the tournament.
They say you should 'keep your circle full of quality rather than quantity' - well, these kids proved just that. They may be few, but all of them won medals in the Kata competition. All those grueling hours, days, and weeks of fine-tuning their moves and stances and practicing their kata definitely paid off!
Sensei Louie giving the kids a pep talk before they hit the mat. 
Yue preparing for his turn.
Winners, Kata Intermediate Division, 9-11 years old.
Yue won bronze, while his teammate Kal-el won silver.
Lance, the oldest in their team, also won a silver medal in Kumite (sparring), Intermediate Division.
Medalists, together with Senpai Jolan, Sensei Danny, Sensei Louie,
and Teacher Digbay of Kaleidoscope Kids Learning Center.
L-R: Daniel won silver in Kata Novice Division, 9-11 years old;
Kal-el won silver in Kata Intermediate Division, 9-11 years old;
Mark won gold in Kata Novice Division, 9-11 years old;
Lance won silver in both Kata and Kumite Intermediate Division, 12- 14 years old.
Yue won bronze in Kata Intermediate Division, 9-11 years old.
It was a very proud moment for all of us, especially the coaches, who devoted their time and effort in training these kids.
With Sensei Ramil Abragon, head of Shoshinkan International Philippines.
But what makes me even prouder is how Yue has completely embraced the karate lifestyle. There came a point in time when he wanted to quit karate because the training was 'tiring him out', but now, he never misses out on training, even if it meant going to the dojo thrice a week for the past two months.
Yue's achievements this summer - his Green Belt in Shito-Ryu Genbukai,
and his Bronze Medal from the 1st Shoshinkan Int'l Philippines Invitational Tournament.
Karate has also instilled in him these valuable lessons, which has become his guiding force throughout the years and hopefully, for the rest of his life:

1. Never stop learning.
When you practice karate - or any other form of martial arts - you will come to realize that learning is a lifelong process. Learning all the different katas, for instance, will take years; all the more if you're a Shito-Ryu practitioner, which has 90+ katas in the syllabus.

2. Patience is a virtue.
The road from a white belt to a black belt is long and arduous. The kids' latest belt promotion took almost two years to happen, but they patiently learned all the kihons and katas and practiced their kumite skills until they were finally able to prove to their senseis that they are ready to be promoted and are worthy of their new belts.
Yue during his kumite competition.
3. Confidence is key.
By learning their strengths and working through weaknesses, these young karatekas were able to build their self-confidence. As they gain mastery over their skills, they have a deeper understanding of their capabilities, and can assimilate things beyond it. They become empowered, which gives them the confidence to overcome not only their opponents on the mat, but also the toughest situations in life.

4. Hard work brings great rewards.
For the past two months, the kids have been training really hard for their belt promotion test and this tournament. At times, they would even extend their training by an hour or so just so they could nail their katas to a T. 'You reap what you sow' so goes the old adage, and these kids finally reaped the fruits of their labor with their new belts and medals.

5. Discipline is everything.
Some people think that karate is all about kicks, punches, power, and technique, but one of the first and the greatest thing that kids from learn from it is discipline, which is critical for success in any field. Whether you want to be a black belt karateka, a pastry chef, a professional gamer, or even a make-up artist, you must invest a serious amount of time and effort to do so. It’s not always easy, but being disciplined will allow you to weather the storms and keep you focused to achieve your goals.

That being said, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Yue's senseis and senpais for inspiring these kids to work hard and train harder and for helping them to achieve their goals.Thank you Sensei Danny, Sensei Kenneth, Senpai Louie, and Senpai Jolan! Our kids are so lucky to have teachers like you!

Yue is a proud member of the Demuraha Shitoryu Genbukai Laguna, training under Sensei Danny Bualan, Senpai Louie Gelizon, and Senpai Jolan Asia. Classes are held every Saturday at Kaleidoscope Kids Learning Center. Come train with us and join our dojo! :)

24 replies:

MsKathyKenny said...

Whoa! Your kids are amazing. My son is into badminton. I tried getting him into martial arts but no can do. said...

Karate is such a grrat way of teching children the good behaviour. It really worked for my friend's son who was a bit naughty.

Raul De freitas Buchi said...

I had karate lesson from 11 to 18 years old. It was a great expirience

Sondra Barker said...

Karate has been one of those sports I wish I had gotten into! Very cool tips!

Dan said...

Wow, I remember when I took isshinryu karate as a child. Such good times!

All five of those lessons are very valuable, especially as an adult.

Anonymous said...

I've had my karate lesson at a young age and it's a great way to teach our young kids for this will help them when they reach adulthood. Thanks for sharing

FoodyFoodie said...

This reminds me of learning Krakatoa when I was young. My favorite section was Kumite!

FoodyFoodie said...

This reminds me of learning Karate when I was young, my favourite section was Kumite!

Adriana Lately said...

Karate is amazing. I find that it teaches discipline in so many ways!

Crystal Carder said...

Sounds like you've learned some really great lessons from doing karate! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Maartje said...

What a great lessons to learn from karate! :)

Nina Bashaw said...

It looks like your children are learning a lot from taking karate and they are having a lot of fun along the way!

Nina Bashaw said...

It looks like your children are learning a lot from taking karate and they are having a lot of fun along the way!

Gervin Khan said...

I love karate so much! I've a had a karate lesson when I was in my Elementary days. It was really a lot of fun learning a karate aside from that it will help you a lot not only physically but also mentally.

Wren LaPorte said...

Always a good thing to get your children into something they are interested in. Especially when it has great core values and they enjoy it.

Mandi Morrison said...

Wow, the kids are all so talented. You all must be so proud of them and what they have achieved.

Lydia Smith said...

Wow congrats to them and they look strong. I would love to learn this, guess is not to late to learn.

Itsasweetsweetworld said...

Karate is one of the best ways of teaching the art of focus and discipline.

Nina Cochingco said...

Karate is so interesting and a very nice skill to learn. I wish I could have a training og this when I was a kid. Seems so fun.

Alexandra Cook said...

My kids used to attend a karate lesson. It is very important that they will learna self defense that they can use in times of trouble.

Owen G said...

Kids should really learn this skill for self defense but not for bullying, wish I had this skill. 😊

Kalyan Panja said...

Thanks for sharing these nice tips which will help parents who are hesitant or undecided on sending their children to learn karate as it is useful to shape our body in totality.

Geraline Batarra said...

It's best to learn karate while you were still a kid. 😊 So sad my mom didn't enroll me to a karate class..

Aia said...

your kid is amazing.. Learning karate is learning discipline as they say... Keep it up. Good job mom..