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Revision of Visa-Free Entry Policy to South Korea.

Earlier this month, I blogged about the Multiple Entry Visa to Korea and how BDO and BPI credit cardholders can avail of this privilege. Just recently, the Korean Embassy made a revision on their visa-free entry policy and the announcement was posted on their official webpage.
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The announcement is as follows:

"Regarding the visa-free entry policy of frequent visitors to Korea, frequent visitors to Korea will be allowed entry to Korea after issuance of Multiple Entry Visa at the Embassy.

Application Procedure
- Submit application at the embassy.
- Bring Visa Application Form, Passport, 1 passport-size picture, and arrival stamps of entry to Korea.

- Those who have made visits to Korea more than 4 times within the recent 2 years at the time of application or have visited Korea more than 10 times in total (at least one of the visits must be within recent 2 years) .
- Visa-free entry (entry to Jeju, transit pass) or re-entry records of registered aliens are included.
- However, immigration records arising from simple labor visas such as Non-professional (E-9, E-10, seasonal worker), crew and landing permit are excluded

The following are not for consideration:
-  Nationals of China, Cuba, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Syria
- Those who have been fined more than 5 million Korean Won or have been given deportation or departure order in violation of the domestic law such as illegal stay within 3 years at the time of application.

Visa Issuance details
- Short-term-General (C-3-1): Valid for maximum 5 years with maximum length of stay of 30 days
- Visa fee: WAIVED

Enforcement date
- Effective from March 1st, 2017

※ For all those who plan to visit Korea with the frequent visitor policy after the said date, please apply for a visa at the embassy."

Previously, the visa-free policy is applicable to any individual who has been to Korea for four times within two years. This is mainly the reason why Yue and I have been going back and forth to Korea since 2015. We were aiming for the visa-free entry after our fourth trip, which will be this Spring. Thus, I have mixed feelings about this revision because that means I will have to visit the Embassy again when our multiple entry visa expires next year. Oh well.

For other announcements, please visit the Embassy's official webpage.

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