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Adele’s Hard-To-Get Game | Why Are Her Show Tickets So Rare & Expensive?

It’s nearly impossible for a fan nowadays to purchase the tickets for his favorite show, especially if Adele is the hot-star. Why? Learn about it right here!

Why are tickets to Adele's shows so rare? Is there a solution?

Did you know that Adele loves two lumps of sugar in her tea? I know I had no idea before some advanced research. But what I do now (and so do most of you) is that her shows are playing the ultimate  'hard-to-get game'..

I mean, seriously, just look at her recent tour across the US and Mexico. Did you have a shot at getting in? Well you probably haven’t. What’s even funnier is the fact that Adele's concert ticket prices are not too high. I’d even say the tag is somewhat below average given the scale of Adele’s popularity.

And yet, resellers tend to charge up to 10 times more, there aren’t enough for everyone who wants to visit the show and so on and so forth. Why?
Photo credit: Telegraph UK.
What makes Adele show tickets so special?
Let’s get this party started with some hot answers to our top question. Below are the facts. Reading through them will guarantee your understanding of the ticket situation.

Demand is higher than the supply.
Just think about the numbers – 5 million people chose to buy 25, Adele’s latest album. This fact, being one of the most successful music releases in history, narrates on how big is the hype. Add at least 5 more millions of people who have downloaded the album illegally from torrents and you’ll get the bigger picture. It’s finally time to acknowledge that the entire North America tour was only selling 1 million tickets. Bummer.

Adele has a dedicated fan club.
Most of the tickets were sold to them way before ticket booths were open for sale. Meaning those of you who were not included into the fan base list only got what was left.

Ticket distribution is heavily regulated.
This is done to actually limit the amount of tickets on the secondary market. Thus availability is narrowed down even further. Plus, the lesser the total amount of tickets, the higher the prices.

Is there a way out?
Or should I say a way into the concert hall? Services like TicketCrab offer a fine array of solutions to music lover and Adele fans from all over the world. How? Digital resellers usually have lower rates and as such the tickets are cheaper. As a bonus users get access to the following functionality on TicketCrab:

Favorite events are easily tractable. You have the power to organize lists of shows you wish to see in the way you find fit.

Personal alerts and notifications will ensure you know all about upcoming shows way in advance, this way you will get empowered to purchase the ticket before anyone else does.

Geo-based event trackers. If there’s something cool going on in your area – you will know about it from first hands. Neat, right?

All in all, the digital era of easily accessible online services is destined to change the way we are used to have fun as well. TicketCrab is a fine example of innovation to rock the world of music shows.

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