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Top Tips to Improve Your Smile.

The way your teeth look plays a huge role in how you look when you smile, speak and generally open your mouth. If you’re like a lot of people though, you don’t really love the way your teeth look. Perhaps you never really have.

While there are some options out there for many people, not everybody knows what they can do to improve their smile. Some things might be common sense, but everybody needs a reminder sometimes.

Keep reading to learn a few tips you can use to improve your smile. A better smile will also lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, which is something everybody could use from time to time.
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Floss Often
Everybody knows that they are supposed to be flossing at least once per day. Still, many people slack off when it comes to using the dental floss.

If you want the healthiest possible teeth, you want to be flossing at least once before bed. Ideally, you should be flossing about twice per day, usually after lunch and again before bed. Do this along with brushing regularly and you’ll see your teeth become healthier in relatively short order.

Eat Right
Eating healthy, nutritious food is something you already know you should do. Perhaps you even strive toward that goal every single day and get pretty close most of the time. That doesn’t mean you’re eating all of the right foods for your teeth.

Apples, for example, are known to help clean the teeth. This makes them an ideal afternoon snack when you may not be able to brush until a few hours later. Protein-rich foods like chicken are also excellent for your teeth. When considering your meals, don’t forget about your dental health. There’s more to it than just brushing and flossing after everything you eat.

Consider Cosmetic Work
There are a lot of people who get cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, and if it’s something you’re considering, there’s no shortage of qualified dentists in your area. What you choose to get done doesn’t have to completely break the bank either.

From a simple whitening treatment, to partial veneers and more, there are lots of options your dentist can provide to you these days. Don’t be afraid to seek consultations for cosmetic dentistry to improve your appearance and how you feel about your teeth.

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