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Sneak Peek | Etude House x Wedding Peach Angel Sparkle Collection.

July seems to be a very promising month for makeup junkies like me as we look forward to the new product releases from some of our favorite Korean beauty brands. I'm filled to the brim with excitement as I give you a glimpse of these wonderful goodies coming our way!

First up is the Angel Sparkle Collection, which I'm sure will be a big hit among anime/manga fans. It's a collaboration collection between Etude House and Wedding Peach, a shojo manga adapted into anime television series which was quite popular in the late '90s.
Lily, Peach, and Daisy of Wedding Peach!
Before I got into this whole Korean drama craze, I was a huge anime fan, influenced mostly by my best friend who was an even bigger otaku than I am. We actually learned Nihongo just by watching anime, the same way I learned Hangul just by watching Kdramas. Oh, and one evident proof of my anime addiction? My son's nickname (Yue) came from one of the characters in Card Captor Sakura.
Meet Peach!
That being said, these new releases from Etude House will definitely take a toll on my wallet. I'm already a sucker for (makeup) collaborations, so what more if the products are as kawaii as these?
And here's Lily!
View the entire collection after the jump!

Hot Style Two Tone Hair Tint Angel Sparkle Edition, 7000 won.
#1 Khaki, #2 Purple.
#3 Pink, #4 Scarlet Red. 
#5 Orange.
Usage directions.
Play Four Days Nail Polish Angel Sparkle Edition, 3000 won.
Seven shades to choose from.
Enamel Gel Nail Art Kit Angel Sparkle Edition, 8500 won.
Play 101 Pencil Angel Sparkle Edition, 6000 won.
Five shades to choose from. 
Color in Liquid Lips Angel Sparkle Edition, 9500 won.
Available in three shades - Lily, Peach, and Daisy. 
Shaking Crystal Eyes Angel Sparkle Edition, 8500 won.
Also available in three different shades.
Look at my Eyes Jewel Eyeshadow Angel Sparkle Edition, 5500 won.
Available in six different shades.
The Angel Sparkle Collection hit the stores in Korea last Friday (July 1), and we're keeping our fingers crossed that these products reach Philippine shores, too. (Etude House's previous collaboration collections were released in Korea only.)
The entire collection!
It's a shame they were released long after I have left Seoul, but then again, I can always count on my husband to buy me one or two (or all) of these. I'm actually leaning towards the hair tints, you know, for days when I feel like channeling my inner Rainbow Brite. Haha! :)

How 'bout you, which of these products will you be buying? :)

7 replies:


These are so awesome!!! I remember watching Wedding Peach when I was younger. I think I'll be buying some Angel Lily products. <3

ALittleKiran said...

The Liquid Lips look amazing, seriously cool packaging x

ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

This is just too cute. I wish these products were sold here in the USA would make for wonderful gifts for young girls and ladies. Thanks for sharing.

Jules said...

This etude addictions sound like a fun one to have. I would have been a close 3rd if I was geolocated that way. I love colouring my hair too:) I once had blonde highlights lol

Xon said...

Even if I'm not a huge fan of make-up, I would still go for these products! How can you not, they are so adorable and very nostalgic too!

Unknown said...

Yeah I've seen those shows sometime during my niece's early cable days of her own. I'm glad that most companies are doing collaborations with a series like them, I'm sure some of my friends in Seoul might be able to catch one of these so they can send it to me, I'd like to give them as gifts for my niece.

Unknown said...

I remember wedding peach when I was a child. I will definitely try this makeup collection.