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Fashion Pulse | Finding Your Perfect (Bra) Fit.

Experts estimate that more than 80% of women go through the day wearing the wrong size bra. Those who spend any amount of time in the public arena will easily see that these statistics are correct. Women can be seen everywhere with bra problems: bra straps that ride up the back, cleavage in all the wrong places, breasts that sag too low, are smashed too close or are squeezed out of the sides or top of their bras.

If you are one of these 80% of women, a proper-fitting bra doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg (or a breast!). Use the following tips to help you find flattering lingerie at a price you can afford.
Find your perfect fit!
Budgetary Concerns
Many women cite budgetary considerations when asked why they are walking around in ill-fitting lingerie. A good bra can be an investment, especially if you wear a specialty size or a size that isn't sold at mass retailers and "big box stores." However, you don't have to purchase your lingerie from an expensive, upscale lingerie boutique in your town. Consider purchasing bras and other foundation garments from online retailers like Mamia Underwear at wholesale prices.

Professional Fitting 
Many women are timid when it comes to discussing lingerie or having a professional fitting done. However, you can't find the right bra if you don't know what size you need. Again, skip mass retailers and lingerie chains - most of their employees don't know much more about measuring bra sizes than the general public.

Find a local lingerie boutique with professionals that can measure you properly. Most of these stores will fit you for a bra even if you don't make a purchase. If you don't have a lingerie boutique nearby, you can measure yourself, just make sure you find a good tutorial and do it properly. And keep in mind that while there are "sister sizes" in bras, it's best to wear your actual size, as a "sister size" won't fit nearly as well.

Style Considerations
Keep in mind also that while there are many styles of bras, not every style of bra will work for every body. Demis, pushups, balconettes, plunge, bandeau, contour and even sports bras are options. Choose the right bra for your breast type and your lifestyle needs.

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