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How to Convert your Chef’s Salad Recipe Video for friends in the US.

Have you got friends in the USA who are fond of your Chef’s salad and keep on asking about the recipe? Well, surely Chef’s salad is one of the best delicacies when it comes to salads- it’s light, nutritious, hassle-free and full of goodness. So much of meat in one plate is irresistible and the veggies in between offer the much needed color- not to mention the generous cheese and mayo that altogether make the dish simply lip-smacking. It could be that your American friends visited your place in Australia this spring and they were delighted with your home-made Chef’s salad and now want to try out the dish themselves. It definitely feels wonderful to be appreciated but how to share the recipe for the American audience?

Actually, being an Aussie you are about to capture your video in PAL format while your American friends are mostly comfortable with the NTSC format. In such a situation you would have to convert the PAL recipe video into the NTSC format to ensure an easy view for your American friends. The good news is that today you have pal to ntsc converter software programs that will help you with the conversion process.
Moyavi Video Converter.
These software programs are really simple to operate and your basic computing skills would be enough. You would just need to download & install the converter software in your computer. Make sure to get a good research on such converter programs prior to download as not all such programs online can assure you complete satisfaction.

After you install the converter in your system, you would have to add the needed PAL Chef’s Salad recipe video to the converter program. Then, you will find something like “Convert To” option on the program. Click on it and a list of Compatible Video options would open up. Choose your NTSC preset.

Now, just choose the Destination folder where the converted video would be saved. There will be a Browse button through which you can choose the destination folder on your computer. Finally, click on the Convert option to allow the program to convert the PAL video into NTSC format.

When it comes to choosing the best converter software programs in the market, there cannot be a better option than Movavi Video Converter. Movavi is one of the most renowned software brands in the market with client base in as many as 150 countries- thus, you can expect quite a premium performance here. The Movavi program works really fast, is extremely user-friendly and will even allow you to take up some edition functions (if needed), prior to conversion. It works 79x faster in comparison to other regular converter programs around.

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