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Designer Style In The Bedroom.

Famous clothing designer, Vera Wang, is known around the world for her high-fashion couture and beautiful bridal gowns. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has created exquisite fashions and gowns for some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities, as well as royals, diplomats and distinguished people.

Vera Wang's signature style reflects elegant designs with simple lines, classic colors and patterns, and beautiful fabrics. After designing countless fashion ensembles, her designs can now be found in beautiful home furnishings like Vera Wang bedding, towels, kitchen linens and home accessories. Whatever your design preference, her designs provide a perfect way to create an elegant bedroom with designer style.
Romantic and elegant.
Romantic Elegance
If you love the idea of a romantic bedroom setting, look for bedding that will create a soft, comfortable atmosphere. You can choose either light or bright colors and patterns, but look for fabrics that feel soft and luxurious like silk, satin or high thread count cottons. Add large, soft throw pillows and a cozy chenille or cashmere throw across the bed. Keep the bedroom lighting soft and romantic by using dimmers on overhead lighting, low-wattage bulbs in lamps, and lots of beautiful candles. For wonderful aromas, use scented candles with light, fragrant scents like vanilla, jasmine or lilac.
Sophisticated and chic.
Sophisticated Style
If your home is traditional or contemporary with sophisticated style and a more neutral color palette, look for bedding and bedroom accessories that enhance that style. There's nothing more sophisticated than crisp white or ivory sheets with a matching neutral comforter and pillow shams. If you want a little more color, choose neutral bedding with soft accents like stripes or contrasting trim. To create sophisticated style, you don't have to use only light, subtle colors. Darker colors like taupe, sage, olive, mustard, cinnamon, brown or black will create a sophisticated color palette with dramatic ambiance.

Modern minimalist.
Modern Appeal
Modern interiors emphasize straight lines, clean features and simplistic style. Details are kept to a minimum, so the focus remains on materials and architectural elements within the space. When selecting bedding and bedroom décor, keep it simple by using solid colors, interesting textures and geometric patterns that enhance modern style. Concentrate on bedroom lighting, artwork and accessories that will add visual interest or color to the room without overpowering other items. Focus on simple, sleek lines and shapes that reflect the design principles of modern interiors.

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