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Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang have fun with Nerf Guns!

It seems like music isn’t the only thing that bonds the idol group Big Bang. Just recently, G-Dragon and Taeyang showed the world their fondness for Nerf Guns.
Earlier today, G-Dragon posted a photo of himself holding a Nerf Gun in his Instagram account. “BANG BANG” read the photo’s caption.
Fans immediately recalled Taeyang’s similar tweet about the said toy. Earlier this October, he posted “I’m a collector of Nerf… Hehe :) ” and even included the #NerfGun hashtag.
At present, Big Bang is busy with their Alive Galaxy Tour, which will span across Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

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3 replies:

Animetric said...

I don't know him but I find it amusing that a kpop celeb has a thing for Nerf just like my son. :)

Franc said...

It's nice he's in touch with his kid-side, I am sure this can be an inspiration when he does his pieces.

Czjai said...

My brother, who just turned 28, received a Nerf gun from Mum for his birthday. His face lit up like a Christmas tree the moment he unwrapped the present. Haha!