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Logistics Made Easy with ML Moves.

When we talk about pawning jewelry and money lending, the first name that comes to my mind is M Lhuillier. I guess most Filipinos can relate to this because after all, M Lhuillier is a household brand when it comes to pawn-broking and money-related services.

Established in the 1980s as an ordinary pawn and jewelry shop, M Lhuillier opened its very first branch in the oldest city in the country, Cebu City. The company now has over 3000 branches nationwide and have expanded their services through the years. From its humble beginnings, M Lhuillier has evolved into one of the largest and most respected financial institutions in the Philippines, offering services such as money lending, quick cash loans, micro-insurance, money transfer, and bills payment.

In 2015, M Lhuillier took a giant step by venturing into the logistics retailing sector with the addition of ML Moves to its wide range of products and services. With ML Moves, M Lhuillier branches serve as drop-off points and pick-up hubs to businesses and individuals with logistics needs. They cater to both walk-in and e-commerce transactions and accept deliveries to both local and international destinations.

Here's how ML Moves works:

  • Drop off your item at a M Lhuillier branch near you that offers the ML Moves service. Present it to the staff for checking, fill out the necessary form, and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Shipping will be fulfilled by local courier partners and DHL Express (for international destinations).

    RETURNS (Lazada and Shopee)
  • Once your return/refund request has been approved, drop off the item at any M Lhuillier branch. Your item will be sent back to the seller without you having to shell out for the shipping fee.

BRANCH PICK-UP (Lazada and Shopee)
  • You can opt to have your packages dropped at your nearest M Lhuillier branch so you can have the flexibility to pick it up any time you want. No more guessing what time your parcel will arrive or waiting at home all day for 'Kuya Rider'!
  • Shopee costumers within Metro Manila also have the option to pay the COD amount at the M Lhuillier where they will pick up their parcel. This gives the customer ample time to prepare for their payment.

SELLERS' DROP-OFF (Lazada and Shopee)
  • For selected Lazada and Shopee sellers, selected M Lhuillier branches can be used as drop points for their parcels. Lazada and Shopee couriers will then periodically pick up the batched parcels ready for delivery to the line haul carriers.

ML Moves is all about speed and convenience – truly an innovative solution to our constantly evolving logistic needs. At the same time, this latest addition to the company's wide range of product and services goes to show that M Lhuillier continues to be the bridge between families and stays true to its promise of being the “Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino”.

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