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How You Can Fall in Love with Your Own Hair.

Have you ever seen anyone, whether it be a random person passing by, an influencer, a celebrity, or basically anyone, with gorgeous hair to the point you just think, “Wow, I wish my hair was like that”? In general, there are constant trends, such as people changing their hair to keep up with the trend.

Yes, it goes beyond just makeup and clothes, but there are even trends when it comes to hair, like getting a perm in the 1980s, doing a blowout in the 1990s, having fully straight hair in the early 2000s, and even right now in the 2020s, curtain bangs, even when it comes to hair coloring, that also impacts it, like a full dye, ombre, balayage, and so on.

But at the end of the day, you need to remember that your hair is an extension of you. You need to pick what you like, not some trend or beauty standard. What do you like for yourself and for your hair? Your natural locks are already swoon-worthy; they’re already enough. But of course, it’s hard to just immediately tell yourself that, and it magically takes effect. Sincerely, it does take time. So, with that said, here’s what you need to know when it comes to falling in love with your own hair!

Photo credit: Thiago Matos on Pexels.

Embrace Your Natural Texture
You really need to keep in mind that your hair's natural texture is unique to you, so celebrate it! Yes, so what if you don’t have some other texture, that’s fine. Just love and embrace what you have! Besides, regardless of your texture, it’s not too hard to replicate other textures, thanks to styling and even hair extensions. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, learn to appreciate and embrace its natural texture. But before you try to replicate another style or just fall head over heels for your current texture, do you know it?

Do you know what type of texture your hair actually has? For example, is your hair constantly frizzy? Then, there’s a chance that you might have naturally wavy or curly hair without even realizing it. It’s so important to know your hair type, and you need to understand that there are so many different types, too. For all you know, you might actually have the hair type you’ve always dreamt of.

But be sure to educate yourself, such as looking into 1B Hair: What Is It and How to Care For It if you have that hair type. Overall, embrace what you have, learn what you have, and understand how to care for it.

Practice Self-Care
In a way, that goes with what was said above: You need to learn how to properly take care of your hair. One of the best ways so it doesn’t feel like a chore would be to just incorporate self-care rituals into your hair care routine to nurture and pamper your locks. Just give yourself the chance to treat yourself to regular deep conditioning treatments, scalp massages, and hair masks to keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and vibrant.

Photo credit: Nataliya Vaitkevitch on Pexels.

But why? Well, you could say that pampering yourself is good for the soul and hair, too. When you pamper yourself, you’ll look and feel better, and these are things your hair will need anyway. Seriously, just take the time to indulge in luxurious hair care products that make you feel special and pampered, turning your hair care routine into a self-love ritual.

Celebrate Your Hair Journey
Like other aspects of you, if you think about it, your hair is just another extension of your growth and how far you’re coming along. Because it’s not exactly the easiest to just accept yourself and even get your hair the way you want it, that’s why it’s important to at least just celebrate.

Yes, you should celebrate the milestones and moments that have shaped your relationship with your hair, whether it's overcoming challenges, embracing new styles, or discovering the beauty of your natural texture. You absolutely deserve to take pride in the progress you've made and the confidence you've gained along the way.

You Need to Have Confidence in Your Style
This might sound like generic advice, but honestly, there’s so much truth to it. You probably want something else, like a different hairstyle, because you think that will give you confidence. But would having totally different hair actually do that? Most likely, no, it won’t. Building confidence is hard, and that on its own is already quite the journey.

Regardless, you still need to understand that confidence is the ultimate accessory that complements any hairstyle. How can you do this, though, with the hair you already have? Well, to truly embody confidence in your appearance, you must stand tall, own your unique style, and embrace your natural beauty.

Seriously, you need to radiate self-assurance and poise as you rock your favorite hairstyles, knowing that true beauty comes from within and shines through when you embrace and celebrate yourself authentically.

Think About the Heritage of Your Hair
Keep in mind that hair is a deep part of so many cultures, just about every culture out there. Think about the ancestry behind your hair, too! In general, your hair carries a lot of history and tradition. Because it’s so deeply rooted (no pun intended), you should take pride in the unique characteristics and qualities of your hair that reflect your cultural background and heritage.

Photo credit: Toa Heftiba Sinca on Pexels.

In fact, you should celebrate the diversity and richness of hair textures and styles around the world, recognizing the beauty in all forms of hair expression. Your hair is what makes you, well, you! Your family shares the hair, too, and there’s just such a big story to tell. Embrace that because your heritage is beautiful, just as you are!

Just Focus on Healthier Habits
At the end of the day, how healthy your lifestyle is is going to have the biggest impact on your hair, skin, nails, body, and even your mentality. You basically have no choice but to adopt healthy habits if you truly want healthier hair—hair that you’ll adore.

It’s far easier than you may think it is. Seriously, it’s all about eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients that support hair health, staying hydrated, and protecting your hair from damage caused by heat styling, harsh chemicals, and environmental factors. That's literally it! Sure, you still need high-quality hair products and a good hair care routine, but don’t underestimate the impact healthy habits have!

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