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Five Ways To Lift Your Spirits This September.

Did you know it's incredibly common for your moods to change alongside the weather or seasons? For example, many people across the world experience an increase in anxiety during September. If you fall into this demographic, it's important that you’re able to find new ways to lift your mood during this time. Here are some top tips to get you started!

Autumn in Seoul.
1. Spend more time outdoors.
While it might be a little cooler outside than you’d like, spending time outdoors will always be beneficial for your mental health. For example, whether you are hiking, jogging, or going for a short walk, it means that you’re staying active, which can boost your body’s production of happiness-inducing hormones, such as serotonin! It also means you’re not spending too much time indoors.

2. Find a natural mood booster.
If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to brighten your mood, you may also want to consider taking some kind of CBD supplement, such as CBD oil or gummies. While you may not be entirely familiar with these products, they contain ingredients that have been used in wellness products for centuries, meaning they are a safe and effective way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. You can even order these products online from sites such as CBDistillery.

Photo credit: Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash.

3. Open up.
When dealing with stress, anxiety, and low moods, many people choose to suffer in silence. For example, you may avoid speaking up as you do not want your family to worry about you, or you feel as though other people have too much going on to listen. However, your friends and family would much rather you speak out about how you are feeling than go through this alone. Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable opening up to them, you could always reach out to a professional. Either way, speaking candidly about how you are feeling can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

4. Rediscover a long-forgotten hobby.
Spending time doing something we love is one of the most effective ways in which we can combat low moods, stress, and anxiety. This is because they can distract us from the chaos of everyday life while also helping us to discover new skills. However, various studies have found that returning to long-forgotten hobbies, such as those we enjoyed during childhood, can achieve a similar effect. This is because they will invoke a sense of nostalgia within us that always leaves a smile on our faces!

Photo credit: Eugene Golovesov on Pexels.

5. Practice self-care.
Whether you’re perfecting your beauty routine or enjoying a spa day at home, making time in your fall routine for self-care is another excellent way to lift your spirits this September. This is because self-care encourages you to pay attention to your body and mind, ensuring that your needs are met. As such, this can be a great way to lift yourself out of a slump while also taking your confidence to new heights! As such, it's important to remember that no matter how busy you are, you are never too busy for your self-care routine!

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