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4 Ways to Expand Your Knowledge.

Most of us go through several years of education when we’re younger. During these years, we learn about lots of different subjects and our knowledge expands rapidly.

However, after education, less is less focus on gaining new knowledge and more focus on retaining existing knowledge. We start working in a specific field and may remain in the same careers for years, practicing the same skills day in, day out.

Your younger years are, undoubtedly, the prime time for brain development and knowledge expansion. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to learn more and increase your knowledge in adulthood.

Finding new ways to keep your brain ticking not only keeps you going in early adulthood but it’s also one of the best ways to prevent neurodegeneration in later life. Studies show that challenging yourself and engaging in mind-boosting activities can promote the development of new neural networks in your brain.

What’s even better is the fact that there are so many amazing ways to expand your knowledge on a daily basis. Here are four exciting and educational things that you can do to continue developing and expanding your knowledge.

Kim Nam Gil in Fiery Priest (2019).

Learn About Religion
You may not be religious yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn about religion. In fact you might have plenty of questions on your mind that you want to answer out of curiosity, like what is the Message of Jesus Christ? Millions of people across the world follow one of the many religions and learning more about their beliefs can be a great way to connect with others on a deeper level.

The world of religion is complex but there are lots of effective ways to educate yourself about religious teachings and ancient beliefs. You could read about evidence of the book of Mormon or do your own research into the origins of certain religions.

Another great way to learn more about faith is to speak to others about their own beliefs and how religion affects their lives.

Hyun Bin for SK Magic (2018).

Read Every Day
Reading is one of the most effective and rewarding activities that you can do to increase your knowledge and stimulate your brain. It’s also an enjoyable and relaxing activity that you can do almost anywhere.

Find a collection of books that look intriguing to you. It can be any fiction or non-fiction option of any genre, whether it’s true crime, sci-fi, medical, or dystopian. There are literally millions of books available on the market so you won’t struggle to find something that captures and maintains your attention.

Most books are affordable but if you’re reading on a very limited budget, check out your local library or see if there are any book-swapping groups in your area.

Kim Jun aka Uju in Hospital Playlist (2020).

Ask Questions
If you’ve ever observed a child as they explore a new environment or make sense of an unfamiliar situation, you’ll notice how they ask a lot of questions. They’re inquisitive and curious.

When you want to expand your knowledge, you must emulate this and become curious about the world around you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explore new things that are unfamiliar to you.

Ask those around you to expand on their points and be genuinely curious about what’s going on in their lives. People love talking about themselves and they enjoy sharing their own knowledge, so asking a few simple questions is all you’ll need for a great conversation. Practice your inquisition with the people you already know as well as those who you have only just met. The more people you interact with, the more questions you can ask, and the more knowledge you will gain.

Jo Jung Suk, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho,
Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jeon Mi Do in Hospital Playlist (2020).

Learn Something New
When you try a new activity or learn a new skill, you will naturally widen your knowledge. Not only this but you can boost the neural connections in your brain while also having fun.

The activities and skills that you choose to try out can be anything you like. You might want to pick up knitting or learn to play a new instrument. Maybe signing up for an online class or ongoing course appeals to you.

If you take an online class, you’ll be able to interact with lots of new people too. You can learn more about their lives and exchange interesting information with one another to expand your mind even further. Whatever you choose to do, the act of throwing yourself into something new might be exactly what you need to enhance your existing abilities.

You don’t need to become an expert in these activities. Simply covering the basics is enough for you to gain the amazing physical and mental benefits of learning something new.

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