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My Laneige x Lazada Super Brand Day Haul!

Laneige turned 25 this year! Yes, the world-renowned Korean cosmetics brand has been in the market for that long! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Laneige had a Super Brand Day in their Lazada flagship store.

This special event happened last June 25 (the brand's anniversary), with more than a dozen Laneige products on sale, some even marked down to 70% of their original price. They also offered special bundles at discounted prices, and even gave away free gifts to purchases worth Php 2000 and up. Of course, I am not one to miss this sale event, even if it meant staying up until past midnight and losing sleep, haha!

Here's what I got from the Laneige x Lazada Super Brand Day:
My Lazada x Laneige Super Brand Day haul, including all the freebies I got!
Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask
I've been wanting to try this sleeping mask ever since cica skincare products became all the rage, but I had to resist the urge of buying one since I still have a tub of the Lavender Sleeping Mask. Now that I've almost emptied that tub, I had the perfect excuse to finally try the Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask!
Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask, Php 1330.
A 'barrier-strengthening mask', the Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask helps reinforce the skin's natural resilience and calms the skin as you sleep. It's infused with the 'Forest Yeast cica', an ingredient patented by Amore Pacific that strengthens and regenerates the skin overnight. This sleeping mask also contains panthenol which soothes skin irritations, and shea butter which deeply moisturizes the skin and and creates a protective moisture barrier.

Laneige Essential Mini Bundle
A brand day exclusive, the Laneige Essential Mini Bundle consists of my favorites from Laneige's Basic Care line - five 25 mL bottles of the Essential Power Skin Refiner (Moisture) and five 25 mL bottles of the Essential Balancing Emulsion (Moisture). It also includes a 30 mL tube of the Moist Cream Cleanser and a pack of the Clear-C Water Pocket Sheet Mask.
Laneige Essential Mini Bundle, Php 550.
The Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner (Moisture) is a moisturizing toner that provides deep hydration. This toner is perfect for those with combination skin and dry skin with flaky patches. Complementing it is the Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion (Moisture), a lightweight emulsion that provides deep hydration to dry/combination skin.

The Laneige Moist Cream Cleanser, on the other hand, is a mild, cream-textured foam cleanser that cleanses the skin without making it feeling tight and dry. Hydrating and non-irritating, this cleanser brightens the skin and gives it a moist finish.

Finally, there's the Water Pocket Sheet Mask which provides customized skin care for each skin problem as the water pockets containing concentrated nourishment closely adhere to the skin. Available in several variants, the one that I got is the Clear C which contains superberry extract that has great anti-oxidant effects.

Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask
Truth be told, I bought these sheet masks on a whim. I was supposed to purchase the brand day exclusive Water Pocket Sheet Mask Bundle (5 sheet masks for less than Php 200), but alas, they were sold out as soon as the sale started! I ended up buying the Two Tone Sheet Masks which were a tad pricier, but at least I reached the Php 2000 purchase requirement for the freebies (lol).
Laneige Two Tone Sheet Masks, Php 154 each.
The Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask, as the name implies, is a sheet mask that comes in two colors and two parts - one sheet for the upper part of the face and another sheet for the lower part. This sheet mask comes in eight variants, each addressing different skin concerns. 

I got two sheet masks - the Moisturizing and Lifting Sheet Mask which moisturizes the dry T-zone and skin around the eyes and cheeks as it firms up the cheeks and the skin around the chin; and the Pore Care and Relaxing Sheet Mask which moisturizes, softens, and soothes the skin and its problem areas.

As for the freebies, here's the entire loot:
Freebies from the Laneige x Lazada Super Brand Day!
Laneige Basic & New Water Bank Refreshing Kit + sachet samples
This kit includes a 25 mL bottle of the Essential Power Skin Refiner (Light), a 25 mL bottle of the Balancing Emulsion (Light), a 10 mL tub of the Water Bank Gel Cream, a 10 mL bottle of the Water Bank Hydro Essence, and a 3 mL tube of the Water Bank Eye Gel.

The sachet samples include the following: Eye Sleeping Mask, Water Bank Moisture Cream, White Dew Tone-up Cream, White Dew Original Ampoule Essence, and Watery Sun Cream.

This set was given as a freebie to purchases made between 12am to 2am with a minimum spend of Php 1500. 
Laneige Thermos by TUMS.
I got another set of freebies because my final bill amounted to more than Php 2000. This set includes two more Water Pocket Sheet Masks (White Plus Renew and another Clear C sheet mask) and the limited edition Laneige Stainless Steel Thermos by TUMS. Among these freebies, I am most thrilled with the thermos, haha! 
Laneige Thermos by TUMS.
What have you bought online during the quarantine? Has the pandemic made you more reliant on online shopping sites or do you still go to the mall to buy stuff?

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