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Emerging Travel Trends Post-COVID-19.

There's no question that the current pandemic is already reshaping the way that people look at travel. In the age of face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing, normal vacations may seem like a thing of the past. According to digital marketing expert, Larry Muller, who has extensive experience marketing in the travel and hospitality industry, the World Travel and Tourism Council has predicted job losses totaling almost 50 million.  That equates to the travel industry shrinking by nearly 25%!
While traveling plans can feel a little bleak at the moment, there is hope on the horizon. Read on to find out how travel will change post-pandemic.

Photo credit: JEShoots on Pixabay.

Traveling Trends to Look Forward To
As people prepare to travel again in the future, they'll be looking at both the level of risk that locations offer for example, when booking ice cave tours, as well as how to maximize their experience. Here are some of the projected trends in travel to look forward to in the coming months.

Road Trips
Since the demand for air travel is at an all-time low, it's time to hit the open road! People feel much safer in their own vehicles where they can enjoy protection from the outside world. Road trips to relatively close locations is expected to increase as more and more people travel by car to get away. This reduces the amount of places that people can visit, but still provides the excitement of "not being home".

RV and Camping Trips
With RV sales at an all-time high, the great outdoors is calling. Since people are being confined to homes/apartments and small living spaces, the urge to get out into nature has increased. Camping grounds are a vacation hot spot at the moment and most sites are reservation only. Gone are the days of just hopping in the RV and finding a spot - however, you can still find BLM land to camp on if you're savvy enough to find it.

Photo credit: Chanwity on Pixabay.

National Parks
Be ready to reserve your spot months in advance if you hope to visit a National Park in the near future. National Parks have quickly become one of the most popular destinations during the pandemic and will stay that way for some time. They are both safe and affordable, while also being gorgeous and life-changing. If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance of multiple national parks then now is the time to take advantage of that.

Backpackers are expected to be among the first to return to international travel. This group of travelers tends to usually be young, single males that are looking to take advantage of discount hotels and out-of-the-way traveling routes.

Photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay.

The Rise of Travel Advisors
Lastly, one thing that will probably be on the rise again post-pandemic is the usefulness of travel advisors. Having a knowledge of restrictions and safety policies put in place in the locales you're trying to visit will become even more important in the coming months. On top of that, travel insurance will likely now be a must-have in the event of getting sick or contracting the virus.

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