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Social Media Photography Tips.

When you travel and take photos for your social media, you can have more fun by capturing the beauty of the moment. Here are some tips to help you preserve those wonderful memories and leave captivating imprints on your social media feed.

Do you remember the time when people are not yet into social media? Probably not – seems like a really long time ago, right? Today, everyone just loves posting online everything that happens in their life minute by minute, especially when they leave the house and go somewhere nice. Although this is somehow sad news for the older generation who couldn’t relate, the good thing is that good memories are preserved through photos. Social media photography makes life more exciting, colorful, and adds fun to travels.

However, not everyone has already mastered the art of social media photography. Just like any hobby and activity, there are some skills you need to learn to do it really well. Who doesn’t want their Facebook or Instagram feed to look as beautiful and exciting as their last trip to Maldives? We all love beauty. So, for you just starting to get on to this hobby that is social media photography, here are some tips to take good photos:
Her Private Life, 2019.
Good lighting
The very first thing you need to take into consideration is good lighting. Choose a place that’s naturally bright, lively, and highlights the subject you’ve chosen. This way, you wouldn’t have to adjust the photos brightness and contrast. Show nature, the sky, show just how the sun lights up everything under it. When you’ve finally taken the photo, make sure that it is not against the light – this is one of the rules in basic photography.

Define the subject
A good photo has a well-defined subject. When you’re at the beach, a good subject could be you with the sea at the background. If you’re at a busy street, it could be the teenager helping the old woman carefully cross at the pedestrian lane. Your subject should tell the story. It has to be something interesting and eye-catching. When you’re taking a photo in your favorite restaurant for instance, your subject can be your most favorite thing in that establishment, say your spot?
Thirty But Seventeen, 2018.
Rule of Thirds
After choosing a good subject, the next thing to consider is following the Rule of Thirds. This is taught in any photography class. Look at your camera, mobile phone, or whatever device you use to take a photo and look it up at the settings. Turn it on – the three lines that intersect each other. Then, put your subject within the frame, at the intersection points of these lines. Not at the center, okay?

A little filter
Some people are not into filters and that’s completely understandable, especially professional photographers. But if you’re into it, make sure that you go easy on it. Too much is not good and it only ruins the natural beauty of the place and the subject. There are many apps you may use online if you need filters, like VSCO. Again, just remember not to overdo it.
Hotel del Luna, 2019.
Good caption
Now we’ve come to the last, but equally important element of a good photo for your social media – the caption. Go back to the story you’re telling and use that. What do you want to say? Keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. Unless you want to be a little mysterious, let the photos speak for itself, and forget the caption, or just use an emoji.

Still having fun? It could seem challenging at first if you’re just starting out. But, it doesn’t have to feel like work. Take it easy and start by following accounts on social media that feature good photos. In this way, you’ll naturally have an eye for good photos and subjects.
Take (lots of) photos, but don't forget to enjoy the moment.
Too much social media is bad, so you have to make sure that you scroll on your feeds in moderation. When you travel and take photos for your social media, there’s nothing wrong when all you want is to capture the beauty of the moment. Preserving happy memories is an absolute healthy thing to do. So, take as many photos as you can and follow these tips to ensure quality photos for your social media.

Your friends would surely love to see the beauty of the place you just visited, and most importantly, how happy you are to be there. For your haters, if you have some – never mind them!

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