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How to Dress Baby for Bed.

When dressing your baby for bed, it is essential to choose a sleepwear made with soft and breathable fabric so the baby sleeps comfortably. A baby's skin is sensitive and it is important to choose the type of sleepwear to avoid rashes and discomfort. This is an informative article on how to dress baby for bed so your little ones will be comfortable when they go to sleep in the night. One of the tips to go by is to dress the baby as per the climate.
Baby Sol, Eulachacha Waikiki (2017).
Onesies and footsies
For the cute little ones who are still swaddling, you can dress them up in a onesie when they grow a little older. A sleeveless cotton onesie is one of the most comfortable sleepwear for the baby to sleep in. A onesie is lightweight and is appropriate for summer, spring, and fall seasons. When it's not the cold season, you can dress your baby in a cotton onesie. Do not layer or overdress the baby when they are going to sleep. You can also wear the socks to keep their tiny feet warm. In addition, you can make the baby wear a cap or booties for bedtime.

Choose a room temperature 
No matter what the climate is outside, let the baby sleep in a room temperature set to 18 degrees. This is the ideal room temperature for the babies to comfortably sleep. Install a thermostat or an indoor thermometer inside the baby’s room to monitor it. Do not put your baby sleep closer to windows or air conditioning vents. Feel the tummy of your baby to check if they are feeling hot or cold.
Baby Sol (Han Yeo Reum in real life).
Swaddling babies 
Choose a lightweight fabric to swaddle babies. Lay the baby over the blanket and swaddle the baby folding the blanket over it. Use a soft and breathable fabric to swaddle the baby. Ensure that it fits snuggly and is not tight. The way you swaddle the baby should not restrict the baby’s movements. You can use the swaddling fabric for the baby up to three to four months. To check when to stop swaddling the baby, leave one of the arms of the baby out to check if they are able to sleep well in this position.

Use a light blanket 
A blanket made of fleece or any light and soft material is good to cover the baby when it sleeps. Do not choose heavyweight or furry blankets for baby when it sleeps as it would suffocate the baby. Avoid using materials that increase the body temperature of the baby as this can be hazardous to the health of the baby and lead to SIDS.

Layer the sleepwear during cold seasons 
Check how comfortable the baby is when you are layering it with clothes when sleeping. If you feel that the baby is feeling too warm then you can remove one of the layers. The body temperature of the babies is usually colder than that of adults. You can remember this point when layering the baby’s clothes in the cold season. Babies feel cold easily because of their body temperature. This is the reason you can layer the body of the baby with lightweight fabrics until the little one feels comfortable.
Adorable Baby Sol. :)
Things to avoid putting a baby to sleep 
Ensure there is no smoke in the environment. Put the baby to sleep on their back instead of their stomach or on the side to avoid SIDS. Never cover the face of your baby when you are putting it to sleep. For babies older than 12 months you can use sleeping bags. If you find the baby sweating, damp hair, rapid breathing, or a heat rash, remove the layers of clothing. Do not check the body temperature of the baby by testing the temperature of their hands or feet. This will not give you an appropriate queue if their body is overheating.

Fabrics for bedding 
Choose proper fabrics for bedding as well. Bedding made with thick fabric can increase the body temperature of the baby so make sure they are soft and lightweight. Check for rashes on the baby and change the blanket if it is coarse. Always choose an organic mattress as they do not emit toxic gases. They are firm enough for the baby to rest and develop their muscles. This is how to dress baby for bed and keep them comfortable through all the seasons.
Kim Jung Hyun with Baby Sol.
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