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Spotlight | Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek.

Although it was not my intent to buy a new blush during the Lazada 11.11 Sale, my current obsession with cheek color was just way too strong that I found myself adding the Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek to my shopping cart before the stroke of midnight.
Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek in Emotional Dry Lilac (top),
 Cozy Creamy Rose (middle), and Appealing Dry Coral (bottom).
Inspired by beautiful autumn petals, this new set of blushers was launched a few weeks back as part of the Peripera 2018 Fall Collection, which the brand fondly calls as their 'Pink Moment' line. The colors were gorgeous in photos, and even more so in actual.
My very own Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek, delivered four days after the Lazada 11.11 Sale.
I got shade number 8 aka Appealing Dry Coral, a muted burnt orange that's suitable for all skin tones and befitting of the current makeup trend. Apparently, orange blush is the 'in' thing this season, and the shade that I got blends right in. (Pun intended, lol.)
Shade name, batch number, and expiration date printed at the bottom of the pan.
I fell in love with this blush the moment I saw it on the Peripera website, and I loved it even more when I finally got to try the product. This blush has a soft, creamy texture that glides onto skin like velvet. Its texture is quite similar to the Airy Ink Velvet lip stains which is creamy to touch but feels light as air when applied on the skin.
A closer look at the Peripera Pure Blushed Cheek Velvet in Appealing Dry Coral. 
I like how this blush doesn't streak nor look patchy even when worn on top of powder, and it doesn't enhance fine lines and pores the way other cream blushers do. Peripera recommends that you tap the blush on the skin to get that translucent, dewy flush, but if you want a matte finish, you can just rub it on your cheeks or apply it with a sponge.
Swatches under indoor lighting.
Swatches under natural light.
I also love how the blush melts into the skin to give your cheeks a natural, healthy-looking flush, with the color staying put for six to eight hours at the most. This shade is highly pigmented, as you can see, so you only need a swipe or two from the pan to give your cheeks a lovely pop of colour.
Morgan, me, and my orange cheeks. :)
And for ethereal, sun-kissed vibes, you can top it off with shimmery highlight!
Products Used:
FACE: Clio Kill Protection Matte Sun Base,
Nature Republic Botanical Stick Concealer,
Holika Holika x Peko Hard Cover Glow Cushion,
Althea Petal Velvet Powder in #23 Warm Beige.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyeliner in 03 Walnut Brown,
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara.
CHEEKS: Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek in #8 Appealing Dry Coral.
Sleek Makeup Highlighter (Solstice Palette) in Equinox.
LIPS: Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tint in 04 Burgundy.
The Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek retails for Php 450, but I was able to purchase mine at Php 100 off. My only regret is that I did not buy the other two shades while they were on sale, huhu. Had I known these blushers would be so amazing, I would have bought all three in one go. Thankfully, there's a 12.12 Sale coming up - you know what I'm adding to my cart this time! :)

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Madhurima Maiti said...

I love reading your posts! This shade is so beautiful. Thank you for such a detailed review. I am going to try this out for myself :)

Sarah Stockley said...

Such a lovely choice of the coral colour, it really suits your skin tone so much.

Note Me Happy said...

Ilove a make-up review! This sounds like a lovely product, the shade looks great on you!

Olivia said...

That one you're wearing in the picture with that beautiful kiddo is my favorite 💓

Unknown said...

This is a great review of the make up products that you have. It seems like my wife would definitely be interested in these.

Surekha Busa said...

That's a beautiful shade of blush on. I think my cheeks will look good with that.

Surekha Busa said...

That's a very beautiful shade of blush on. I better try this, i think my cheeks would look good with that.

Non Stop Family said...

Hi. What a perfect colour, just loved that blush. Good idias for a Christmas present

Clare Minall said...

Peripera Pure Blushed Velvet is a must try product. I always wanted to try this and I have heard a lot about this before and been looking for this one.

Preet said...

I’ve never heard of this brand, but your in-depth review made me interested. Seems like an affordable option for quality makeup.

Unknown said...

Hehe...first of all I must say a great post and secondly I will definitely recommend my to be wife to get benefit from this post.

Saquib said...

Great review. Liked your writing style

Becca Wilson said...

These colors are so very pretty. I really love how they would pop with any look!

Eileen | said...

These look like great blushes, the color looks so pretty on you! This would be great for any beauty lovers

Sophia said...

These sound great! I would love to try!

Christa said...

This is such a pretty shade and you look gorgeous wearing it! This is a new product for me. I’m not sure it’s avaialbel in the US.

Mommysup said...

Look gorgeous on you. It would make my girl friends happy! :)

Ruth said...

I don’t wear make up but this shade is really nice and it looks great on you :)

Geraline Batarra said...

That blush on looks so fine, i feel i would want to put all day long, looks so gentle on skin. I think 'dry coral' would look good on me.

love faith more said...

It is so pretty on you. You have really a talent to know what's the best for your skin tone. Great review!

Rhea said...

with or without discount, the price is already a steal! :) looks like a dupe for Nars' orgasam. thanks for sharing us some alternatives and options. Also, the shade range looks fab!