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Sneak Peek | Missha x Line Friends On Air Collection.

Back in 2016, Korean beauty brand Missha teamed up with Line Friends (from the popular messaging app Line) and launched the Missha x Line Friends collection, which was made available to the Korean and overseas market for a limited time. This collaboration was one of my favorites for that year, and perhaps the cutest collection that Missha has ever released.

This year, the two brands joined forces once again for another wave of cuteness. Behold, the Missha x Line Friends On Air collection!
Missha x Line Friends On Air collection.
View the complete collection after the jump!
Choco, the bear with the pink bow, was not included in the previous collection so I guess it's only fair that she takes the limelight in this one. And I say that because it's her face that's featured in the Glow Tension Cushion, which now has four shades available.
Missha x Line Friends Glow Tension Cushion, 23000 won.
Choco also appears on the Tangle Jelly Pearl Plumper, a lip balm that soothes the lips and makes it look plump.
Missha x Line Friends Tangle Jelly Pearl Plumper, 8000 won.
On the other hand, Brown, Choco's older brother (yes, they're siblings), and the main man of Line Friends, appear on the Perfect Cover BB Cream.
Missha x Line Friends Perfect Cover BB Cream, 15800 won.
Brown also has an eyeshadow palette, which features mostly browns and neutral shades.
Missha x Line Friends Color Filter Shadow Palette, 26800 won.
Another eyeshadow palette is included in this collection, which has mostly pink hues and features Cony on the cover.
Missha x Line Friends Color Filter Shadow Palette, 26800 won.
Two sets of lip products are also included in this collection - the Wish Stone Tint Water Gel (water-based lip tints) in pink Cony packaging and the Wish Stone Tint Velvet (matte lip tints) in peach Sally packaging. They come with stickers so you can decorate them the way you like it.
Missha x Line Friends Wish Tone Tints, 6500 won.
Likewise, you have two mascara options - Length Boost and Volume Boost, which also come with a sheet of decorative stickers.
Missha x Line Friends Mascara, 9000 won.
There are also two sets of nail kits, with each kit containing three shades of nail polish.
Missha x Line Friends Nail Salon Kit, 9000 won.
The collection also includes facial tissues, one with cleansing water and one with cleansing oil. The latter is more expensive by 500 won (around Php 25 or $0.50).
Missha x Line Friends Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Water Tissue (yellow), 4500 won.
Missha x Line Friends Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Oil Tissue (pink), 5000 won.
Of course, we can't miss the hand creams which come in four different scents and designs. Brown is grapefruit-scented, Cony is wild cherry, Sally is cotton, and Choco is cocktail.
Missha x Line Friends Love Secret Hand Cream, 3000 won.
Finally, we have the Beauty-To-Go Kit, which is actually a set of travel-size makeup brushes contained in a handy pouch.
Missha x Line Friends To-Go Kit, 20000 won.
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The Missha x Line Friends On Air collection was officially launched in Korea on November 2, and is now available in all Missha stores across the country. They're also available at the official Missha website, but sadly, they don't ship overseas. I'm hoping this line will be available at Althea, because I want the cushion so bad!!! :)

5 replies:

Renz Alcantara said...

These are cute! I wonder if the formulation's safe for tweens?

Triple Joys said...

Ang cute! This will surely be a hit among teens! :)

Michi said...

I think Missha is the first Korean brand that I have tried. Ang cute ng Line Friends collection.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Grabeee! An cute lahat. Talagang mapapabili ka with these collections if they keep on coming up with cute themes...

Neri Ann said...

Ang cute naman ng packaging! Sayang naman hindi pwede overseas kc for sure madameng pinay mag oorder nyan.