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Miniso Opens in SM San Pablo!

After months of eager anticipation, an unexpected change in schedule, and a few more weeks of waiting... Miniso SM San Pablo is finally open!
The first lady of San Pablo City, as well as Miniso VIPs, gracing this momentous occasion.
The Japanese fast fashion brand, which has gained global popularity for its wide range of household and consumer goods, has found a new home in SM San Pablo. And together with my friends, we trooped to the mall today to witness the opening ceremonies, and of course, do a bit of shopping.
We Bare Bears at Miniso!
Attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies isn't exactly my style, but I was willing to make an exception for Miniso. I've developed quite an interest for the brand after its breakthrough appearance in the hit 2016 Korean drama Goblin, where the lead characters Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak were seen shopping at the Miniso store in Lotte World Mall. But what solidified me as a huge Miniso fan was their collaboration collection with one of our favorite animated shows, We Bare Bears
We Bare Bears plushies, Php 399 each.
These adorable bears were the main reason why I wanted to be at Miniso today as soon as the store opened. I wanted to get my hand on these plushies as early as possible, because from what I've heard, these items sell like hotcakes! True enough, almost everyone headed straight for the bear stack as soon as the ribbon was cut and the store was declared officially open.

Here are some of the We Bare Bears items that you can find at Miniso SM Pablo.
We Bare Bears water bottles, Php 179.

We Bare Bears neck pillow, Php 229.
We Bare Bears facial tissues, Php 149 per pack.
We Bare Bears tote bag, Php 229.
We Bare Bears steam mask, Php 179 per box.
Aside from these three adorable bears, Miniso also has Pink Panther and Moomin products, all licensed by MGM and Moomin Characters Ltd., respectively.
Pink Panther plushies, Php 299 - Php 499.
Pink Panther key ring, Php 179.
Moomin hand mirror, Php 179. 
Pink Panther notebooks, Php 179.
Pink Panther makeup palette, 299.
Moomin power bank, Php 799 - Php 999.
Other interesting finds at Miniso include these makeup brushes, perfumes and body mists, makeup, and toys. They also have arts and crafts supplies, computer peripherals, and even kitchen tools! 
Beauty brushes starting at Php 179.
Perfumes and body mists starting at Php 99.
Makeup items starting at Php 99.
Toys starting at Php 149.
If one-stop shopping and affordable prices are your thing, then swing by Miniso this weekend and check out their wide array of products. Their San Pablo branch, which happens to be their first in Laguna and the 59th store in the country, is located at the second floor of SM San Pablo right across Kidzoona.

And before I end this post, allow me to share with you my Miniso haul. I got all three bears, yay!
My Miniso haul!
We Bare Bears plushies (Php 399 each), We Bare Bears Children's Towel (Php 179, pack of two),
We Bare Bears Steam Eye Mask (Php 179 pack of five), Pink Panther Makeup Palette (Php 299),
Screen Cleaning Kit (Php 99),
TOTAL: Php 1953.

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Anonymous said...

l apreciate any top content

Namra Saleem said...

So cool that a japaneese store is opening near you. Love the We Bare Bears items and the japaneese style generally! This seems like the cutest shop ever and wish one would open in Oslo too!

Sanny said...

Oh my God!
I'm probably making a fool of myself to say this but I've never heard of this brand before! I guess (hope) that has something to do with that it hasn't made its name here in Germany yet...or maybe I'm just uneducated ;) But how cute are those bears pls?! And just pretty much everything else is cuteness overload!! Thanks for sharing this and as soon as I see this brand anywhere, I'll definitely be shopping way too much ;)


Unknown said...

You're so lucky! I hope there's a Miniso shop here near my place! I enjoyed reading your post!

Chris said...

I had no idea what those bears were. I've seen multiple kids on the Korean subway with them. Now I know. Thank you for sharing!

Geraline Batarra said...

That sounds like a nice store to visit and it looks like they have a lot of stuff to offer for their clients.

Monidipa said...

So cool. You are so lucky. I really wish if I had anything like this near me. Lucky u.

Elizabeth O said...

This isnt a brand I've heard of before, but it looks great indeed. I bet so many people really enjoy these.

Christa said...

They have such cute stuff! I love those Pink Panther makeup palettes.

Preet said...

Oh I love Miniso, their stuff are really cute especially their bathroom stuff.

Trina Dinnar Photography said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Those bears are really cute! I think going to a store opening would be really cool. Seeing everything lined up just perfect before people destroy it

Jojo Hua said...

Whoa! There's so many cute things to buy there! I love the cute and cuddly toys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This looks like a store I would love to visit! Those bears are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute post. You are so lucky to have that store near you. Keep it up for upcoming posts like this!

cnzpo02 said...

Im a fan of Miniso, i bought a headset that lasted long than its price impression. Most goods are cheap, but need to consider the quality as well. Thank you for sharing this.

Unknown said...

Looks like they have some great stuff there! How qualitative are these things they're making?

Lisa Rios said...

This japanese store looks so cool. I love the bears and the Pink Panther.

Unknown said...

This is a very good store. Sometimes I will buy some toy for my fds children