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10 Easy Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive.

A house can speak volumes about its owners. Sometimes, however, your house may not always say what you want it to. Sometimes a house can look cheap or dowdy, but there is hope. There are simple and easy adjustments you can do to make your house look expensive without breaking the budget.
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Decide on a theme… and stick to it
his may sound easier than it is. Themes can be in the form of colors or concepts. You don’t have to match the finishes, so much as coordinate them. Try to go darker or lighter to create a contrast that will pop. Too much matching can appear like you’re trying too hard.

Simple, yet stylish
Simple doesn’t always mean plain. Sometimes, the classic looks with simple finishes can look better; ornate can translate to cluttered or overwhelming. If you keep a simple backdrop, statement pieces will jump out more and highlight areas where you want people to look.

Accent rugs
Hardwood floors are extremely popular, but they can be a bit overwhelming, especially when they’re dark wood. Breaking up the brown with accent rugs can create a statement and give a much-needed pop of color.
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Whether it is your kid’s art from school or a famous art piece, artwork can create conversations on your walls that also lend to themes. The key is ensuring the artwork is the right size. If it is too big it may make your walls look small and close the room off, but if it is too small it may look out of place - like Alice in Wonderland.

Crown molding
Crown molding can give a finished look to any room by creating an artistic connection between the ceiling and the walls.

Get the right lighting
Lighting is everything. Lighting can make a small room appear bigger and, while natural light is great, light fixtures can be wonderful alternatives.
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Make more space with mirrors
Lighting is not the only thing that can make a room appear larger. Mirrors can reflect the room back and create the illusion of a much larger area.

Keep it organized
Life can get in the way and being organized can be difficult. If you have too much stuff and don’t want to get rid of it, search public storage near me to find a place to store some of your excess pieces safely. This will free up room in your house to keep it clutter free and make the house look larger than it really is.

Fix the small stuff
They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but in this case you should. Little everyday things used will break or get loose. When they aren’t repaired it seems as though the house is run down. So get a screwdriver and tighten that doorknob. It’ll appear brand new.

Fresh flowers
Fresh flowers and plants cost very little and are a sure-fire way to dress up your space. They can draw out or highlight color schemes and make a home more inviting. Plus, it always helps to have a lovely real scent permeating your house.
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Your humble abode can look much more expensive with simple and inexpensive solutions. You don’t have to do all of them, but try one and see if you get any compliments.

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