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Unleash your Inner Diva with Divatress!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I'm quite experimental when it comes to my hair. I've had it permed a few years back, then I sported a bob after I got tired of all those curls. Later on, I went all out and had it hacked into a pixie cut, which I sported for a good number of years. About two years ago, I started to grow my hair longer and now my tresses are at its longest ever - about five inches past the shoulders.

Last year, I made a an even bolder move by fulfilling my blonde ambition. I've been a brunette all my life and transforming my hair into this ash blonde purple ombre was the most grueling thing I have ever done. Imagine having your hair bleached thrice, then having it colored with an ash base, then having it highlighted with purple streaks. I practically spent an entire day at the salon, all because I wanted to be a unicorn, haha!
Lace Front Wig from Divatress.
Lately, I have been mulling over what hair color should I go for next. I'm considering the strawberry blonde look, but just thinking about the tedious process of bleaching my hair all over again makes me reconsider. Thankfully, I have discovered an easier way to achieve that strawberry blonde look without having to spend hours at the salon.

Divatress, a leading e-commerce company, is now gaining popularity as one of the most trusted wig retailers online. They have a large selection of lace wigs, with almost all styles and colors possible - short, curly, shoulder-length, layered, black, brown, copper red, teal, purple, and yes, even the strawberry blonde shade that I've been pondering upon! 

Lace front wig in strawberry blonde.
Their prices start at around $19.95, and most of their wigs are sold at a discount, too. Orders worth more than $49 are shipped for free within the 48 states of Continental US. Good thing I have a friend in California who can order for me, and she's coming home for the holidays. Looks like I'll be a (strawberry) blonde again for Christmas!

9 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

Ohhh! Fun! I wanna buy some funky colored wigs and freak people out by convincing them that I actually cut and colored my hair that specific way! But then I would also get scared that it would fall off - ha!

Unknown said...

I've honestly never worn a wig in my life! I think this brand is awesome though, they have the best choices when it comes to wigs.

kelly reci said...

I think it's really enjoying having a wig on instead of having the extra styling with hair.

Unknown said...

I love changing hairstyles! I haven't considered a wig though - something different!

Rebecca Swenor said...

Divatress sounds like a great place to check out for any style type of wig. I can honestly say I had usually dye my hair a few times a year just for a change. It would benefit my hair to check out these wigs for sure. Thanks for sharing the information.

Unknown said...

Hey, some days I would totally go for a wig! It would be easier to fix BEFORE it got on my head, I think LOL Might be nice for a change of pace!

Unknown said...

divatrress is now a well known brand in market..they have varieties in style what i like most.

Unknown said...

Divatress have a stunning hairstyle wigs. This is such a great idea of using hair wig than to dye our hair.

zaynting said...

Great tutorial about dying. Please make a tutorial on dying your Human hair wigs in a appropriate way.