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A Teeny Tiny Cleaning Task that Will Make Your Home Feel Like New.

Cleaning your home involves many things. However, most of the time we tend to focus only on our cleaning priorities like dusting, vacuuming, dish washing, scrubbing the whole bathroom, etc. Besides learning some new tips and tricks, no one seems to be speaking about the things we are most likely going to forget cleaning in the first place. Dealing with these critical areas can actually be very relevant to your home's general atmosphere of tidiness. So, this is our teeny tiny cleaning task for you that will make your home feel like new, and that's cleaning the forgotten areas.

Areas to which we are alluding to genuinely do not require extreme dedication and physical effort to be sorted out. They are easy to fall out of sight, because we either have a very unconscious and automated interaction with them, or they are hidden insofar that we are never reminded of them. Let us run through a couple of cleaning tasks that you have most certainly forgotten to do in a long while.
Let the cleaning begin!
The Doors
This is one of those things we have an automated interaction with. How many times per year do you clean your doors? Do you ever clean your doors? You should not feel ashamed if the answer is no. Most of us forget that they actually exist as something that needs to be cleaned. But luckily, we are here to remind you to do just that. You do not need anything special in order to clean your doors, nor does it take a lot of your time. A simple wet cloth will do the job just fine, but you can use a little bit of all-purpose cleaner as well. When you finish the job, take a step back and look at the difference. We know, it is amazing.

Door Knobs
In addition to the previously mentioned, door knobs are also probably not on your weekly to-do list. If you stop and think about it, it really should not be like that. Just imagine, how many times during the day do we use our door knobs? A lot is the answer. Plus, most of the time our hands are far from being clean, and other people circulate around the house as well. What you really need to do, as soon as possible, is disinfect those little things. Speaking of knobs, what about your drawer handles? They are also screaming for some attention. Take out your disinfectant spray, a few clean cloths, and get down to business.

Light Switches
Just like door knobs, light switches rarely get a look in. And same as door knobs, light switches are packed with germs and should be disinfected now! You may also want to use cotton swabs (dipped in alcohol) in order to clean the dirt from the cracks. We would advise you to try and tie some of your cleaning tasks. For example, next time you clean your toilet bowl, clean and disinfect those light switches. This way, it is going to be much harder for you to forget about them.

Even though you probably clean your fridge more often than you do your door knobs, we still have a tendency not to devote enough attention to it. Research has shown that our meat and vegetable compartments are drowning in germs! Not only do we need to wash them, but disinfect them as well. It is very important to introduce this routine to your cleaning habits. Once in a week or two, open up your fridge and throw away the expired food and make new recipes like have done. Additionally, pull out drawers and dip them into hot water and dishing soap. But if you had not done this in a while, empty your fridge and spray the whole inside with multipurpose spray. Wipe the residue down with a semi-wet cloth.
Don't forget the mattresses!

In case you did not know, it is highly advised to flip your mattress at least once in 6 months. However, before that time comes, it would be smart to clean it up a little bit. Mattresses are drowning in dust mites, different kinds of stains (sweat, blood, etc.) and dead skin. What you want to do first is vacuum clean it. After that, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and salt in order to get rid of the stains (wipe the paste clean with a wet cloth). Sprinkling some baking soda and dried herbs onto the mattress is a great tick for freshening it up and making it fragrant. Still, nothing can be more beneficial for the mattress than the natural sunlight. If you have a backyard, carry it outside for a tanning session.

We are constantly strolling over them, but dedicate attention to them only when someone spills a glass of wine. Vacuuming you rugs is something we know you do regularly, but there are other things you could do to make them look, feel and smell like new. If there are some residual stains left on your carpet, you can rely on baking soda to do the job. Drop some of it directly onto the stain and rub it in with a brush. Vacuum it later. Just like with the mattress, you can use dried herbs to give your carpet a nice smell (lavender and thyme are great choices). You can also read reviews of vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums at Home Clean Expert.

Cleaning can be a burdensome nuisance for many people. It is perfectly reasonable not to expect everyone to enjoy cleaning and wanting to do it in the first place. For those people, who would much rather spend their free time with friends and family, or doing their hobby, Helpling UK can provide you with amazing cleaning services. What you really want is a reliable and reasonably priced house cleaner, and Helpling offers you just that. Sometimes, it is best to leave the job to professionals.

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Unknown said...

Great to highlight those areas that may be overlooked! I always forget to flip my mattress in time!