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Spotlight | Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip and Eye Remover.

While walking along the streets of Hongdae last spring, the little man and I chanced upon a group of seemingly overzealous tourists flocking towards the Innisfree store. Curious as to what the hoopla was about, we followed suit. Imagine my surprise when I saw '50% off' pennants displayed all over the store.

Apparently, there was a sale event happening that weekend - 50% off on all items if you purchase with a credit card. I'd be crazy if I didn't grab this opportunity to shop at a huge discount, so I joined the crowd of crazy shoppers - one hand armed with a shopping basket, the other hand clutching Yue's hand tight.

After about thirty minutes of swatching, sniffing, and testing products, and another thirty minutes of falling in line at the checkout counter, we emerged from the store with a bagful of cosmetics and just a tiny dent on my credit card. And by tiny I mean 19150 won, or a little over Php 800. Not bad, right?

Among my purchases is the Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip and Eye Remover, a hypoallergenic makeup remover enriched with apple extracts. Originally priced at 8000 won, this product was marked down to just 4000 won (around Php 180) during the sale event.
Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover.
It comes in a 100mL plastic bottle, with product description, usage directions, and list of ingredients written in both English and Hangul.
Comes in one size only - 100 mL.
Here's a more detailed product description from the Innisfree website:
"Soothing and refreshing lip and eye makeup remover easily removes all types of point makeup without subjecting skin to unnecessary stress that may only lead to lines and wrinkles. Extra gentle formula contains botanical extracts and nutrients that nourish and condition skin while dissolving even long wearing mascara to leave it perfectly clean."
English and Hangul text at the back of the bottle.
For those who are wondering, point makeup refers to eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip color.
Directions for use + list of ingredients.
Like most of the makeup removers that I have used in the past, the Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip and Eye Remover also has a dual-phase formula. As such, you have to shake it well before pouring an adequate amount on a cotton pad. Just four or five drops of this product usually works for me.
Comes with an easy-twist cap.
Now what I love about this makeup remover is its ability to remove waterproof makeup without the vigorous and continuous rubbing. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara can be a pain to remove at times, but with this product, I just leave the doused cotton pad on my eyelids and let it absorb all the gunk on it. I reckon it's the Kaolin powder working its magic; apparently, this ingredient is excellent at sebum absorption.
Just a few drops will do. The liquid is actually colorless.
I also love its gentle formula - it does not sting the eyes, and does not irritate the skin. Also, I find its consistency less oily than the makeup removers from Etude House and The Face Shop.
Goodbye, makeup.
However, I am slightly disappointed that this product does not reek of apples. I was actually looking forward to the fruity, zesty scent upon opening the bottle, but alas, there was none. My initial thought was perhaps I got an expired product amidst the shopping chaos, but the date on the bottom of the bottle says otherwise. Oh well, not my first time to buy a fragrance-free makeup remover, when one of the reasons why I bought it was for its scent. Lol.
Expiration date.
Nonetheless, I'd still recommend this makeup remover especially for those who are fond of using waterproof makeup. I'll definitely be buying another bottle (or two) when I return to Seoul. Hopefully, I can chance upon another sale event by then. :)

9 replies:

Jules said...

I love the product I use for make up removal, this Innisfree looks just as good. Thanks for sharing with us!

Xon said...

I don't know a lot about make-up removers but I would be crazy to pass over a sale like that in a beauty store. I'm glad you took advantage of it, that's a lot of savings right there!

Unknown said...

I've tried Innisfree products like face mask, I think this would be great for me. Sometimes I'm tired and I'm lazy to wash my face full of makeup. I'll give it a try.

Rose Pingol said...

What a wonderful review! I'm pretty sure that my daughter would love it. She really loves trying new skin care.

mail4rosey said...

50% off is great. Good thing you checked out the hoopla! I love a good sale too.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind giving this one a try. Looks like it does it's job and the only downside is that it doesn't smell like apple as it much as it should. I love that you got it at such a low price!

Sakuranko said...

Oh very interesting product darling~

Lisa RIos said...

Innisfree is a pretty new brand for me, but these products sounds great for sure. I would love one such makeup remover and it is great that they are hypoallergenic as well!

Lexhansplace said...

great review of the said item... nice.