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Seoul Searching | Ewha Womans University.

Yes, you read it right. It's Ehwa 'Womans' University. And no, it's not a typo.
Normally, I would scoff at the very distinct grammatical error, but I'm turning a blind eye on this one because the word 'womans' seems to have been used on purpose. Also, the beautiful sprawling campus makes up for the school's grammatically incorrect name.
Ehwa WOMANS University.
From the landscaped garden, to the European style buildings, to a campus complex designed by French architect Dominique Perrault, Ehwa Womans University is encompassed with a refined and sophisticated vibe that makes me want to pursue a Master's Degree here.
The manicured lawn.
 A well-kept garden.
The Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) designed by Dominique Perrault.
A day in Edae! 
Full story after the jump!
Founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton, an American missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Ewha Womans University is Korea's first educational institute for women. 'Ewha' which means 'pear blossoms', was the name bestowed by Emperor Gojong, a year after the institution was founded.
Founded in 1886.
To date, Ewha is the world's largest female educational institution, and one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea.
The Ewha Welcome Center, where you can learn more about Ewha's rich history...
... and buy souvenirs while you're at it.
Touring the campus was such a treat for both Yue and I, as we got to see these amazing structures up close and personal. 
The ECC, also called 'The Hidden Valley of Ewha'.
Landscape and architecture combined.
No wonder this university has been hailed as one of the world's most beautiful campuses. I bet the place looked even more breathtaking during the 'peak bloom', when most of the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and the campus would be a picturesque sea of pink.
Emerson Chapel.
Pfeiffer Hall (Main Hall).
Clara Hall (Graduate School Building).
Gibson Hall (Gymnasium).
Centennial Museum.
Quirky sculptures along the pathway leading to the Ewha Kindergarten.
And still more of them in front of the Centennial Museum.
Aside from the scenery, Ewha is also a popular shopping destination as the area near the front gate (popularly known as the Ewha Womans University Fashion Street) is lined with stores that sell just about everything - from clothes to shoes to makeup, to handbags, accessories, stationery, and other kitschy stuff.
Edae's famous shopping street.
Since this shopping district caters mostly to university students, the prices are relatively cheaper compared to Myeongdong, whose main clientele are tourists and foreigners.

... and even more clothes!
Oh, and accessories, too!
The famous gigantic shoe, great for photo ops. Haha!
Artbox! There's bound to be one in every shopping district in Seoul! :)
Socks make a great backdrop, haha!
Moomin travel mugs!
Aside from fashion boutiques and cosmetics stores, Edae ('dae' is short for 'daehakyo, the Korean word for university) also has a number of food stalls dotted along its streets. 
Edae eats! :)
Here we got to try the 'gyeran-ppang', a tiny loaf of bread topped with a whole egg. I saw a group of high school students lining up at one of the gyeran-ppang stalls, and the curious cat in me followed suit. Haha!
I love the contrasting textures of this 'street food' - it's crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. No wonder it's a hit among students - this snack is yummy, filling, and affordable, too. (I reckon they sell for 1000 won each.)
Other dining options. :)
If food stalls aren't your thing, there are lots of other dining options in Edae. There's a concentration of restaurants and coffee shops right outside Ewha's main entrance, including well-known food chains such as Auntie Anne's, Baskin and Robbins, and Starbucks.
Song Joong Ki is in Edae, too! :)
If you're visiting Korea this autumn, I suggest you include Ewha Womans University in your itinerary. I bet the campus will look even more breathtaking, with the fall foliage and all.
Photo credit: Flickr.
To get to Edae, take the subway to Ewha Womans University Station Exit 2 or 3.
Ewha Womans University Station.

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Xon said...

I've never toured a campus this big before. They really have come a long way! The buildings are stunning and the whole campus is breathtaking!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a lovely campus. I wish we have something similar to this, I would like to go on a tour!

Unknown said...

Oh, this university looks so nice. I am so glad that it was built for woman, what a lovely place to learn!

Erin S said...

What a beautiful campus. I'd love to go out and take daily walks on that campus