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Pucker Up! | Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tint.

Prior to my trip to Myeongdong, I had no idea Beyond Cosmetics launched a makeup collaboration with Disney. I was not aware either that it was a makeup line dedicated to Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorite childhood novels. And so I had the surprise of my life when I entered the Beyond shop and saw the complete Alice in Wonderland makeup line on display.
Alice in Wonderland! :)
I was so happy with my discovery, I had to restrain myself from shrieking AND buying everything from the collection. Haha! I settled with the Cheek Color, which I gave to my sister (who's also a huge Alice fan), and the Oil Tints, which I also shared with her.
Alice in Glow Oil Tints.
The Oil Tints are contained in a cardboard box with an illustration of The Knave of Hearts, one of the characters from the novel. The same illustration appear on the bottles, each containing 4.5 grams of lip tint.
The back of the box...
The bottles are made of sturdy plastic, and come with an easy-to-use doe foot applicator. The applicator has a hole in the middle, similar to the ones from YSL and the Frozen Magic Glam Tints by Peripera.
And the side panel. Yes to cruelty-free brands like Beyond!
There are five different shades of the Alice in Glow Oil Tints, and I bought shades #04 (Burgundy) and #05 (Violet). I chose them as per recommendation of the store attendant, who claimed that these were the most popular shades in the collection.
Shade reference on the top of the box.
#04 Burgundy is more of a cherry pink shade, while #05 Violet is a sheer shade of lilac. The deep blue color on the applicator made me think that #05 Violet would be the darker shade among the two, but when swatched, it turned out otherwise.
Shade number indicated on the bottom of the bottle.
The tints have an oil-based formula, and contain Royal Black Tea which moisturizes the lips and improves its elasticity. I love that the tints feel very smooth and moisturizing on the lips, and do not feel heavy or sticky despite the formulation. They smell quite nice, too - fruity, yet very subtle.
#04 Burgundy on the left, #05 Violet on the right.
When applied, the tints appear to have very little color - almost clear, actually. But the color starts to pop after a few minutes, and tends to intensify if you reapply after a few hours.
Swatched - #04 Burgundy on the left, #05 Violet on the right.
Wear-time is pretty decent, around 3-4 hours before the shine fades off and wears away into a lovely, rosy pink stain on the lips.
#04 Burgundy on the lips.
#04 Burgundy after a few hours. 
#05 Violet on the lips.
#05 Violet after a few hours.
What I love:

- Super cute packaging.
- Easy to apply.
- Does not feel heavy or sticky on the lips.
- Non-drying.
- Subtle, fruity scent.
- Decent wear time.
- Affordable price (retails for 10000 won each).

What you might not like:
- #05 Violet might be a bit too sheer for your liking,
because honestly, I was expecting it to be the darkest out of all five shades.
- Not available locally. (But you can purchase it online, here.)
Products Used:
FACE: Innisfree No Sebum Primer,
Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream,
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium,
Peripera Snow White Pride Up! Pact.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
The Face Shop Ink Graffi Pen Liner,
Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Curling Mascara.
CHEEKS: Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Raisin.
LIPS: Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tint in Violet.

12 replies:

Jules said...

The shades of lip colour all look amazing on you!

Couponing Away Debt said...

They both look great on you! I tend to lean towards a berry/nude shade for every day looks like this.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

The makeup colors you chose look just beautiful on you. You are so pretty.

April said...

I love the colors on you! I've never heard of the brand, but it looks good!

Xon said...

I love tints, they give you that hint of color when you don't really want to wear a lipstick or anything like that. Are they specifically for the lips only or can you use them on your cheeks too?

Czjai said...

Hi Mai! The Oil Tints are for the lips only, but the Cheek Color can also be used for the lips. They come in a pot and are cream-based. :)

Czjai said...

Thank you! :)

Czjai said...

Thank you! :)

Erin S said...

These look great. I love the violet color on you

Ronnie said...

Wow, that IS long lasting! My glossy lipstick needs touch ups after half an hour. I would be interested in trying these oil-based formulas.. never had similar ones!

Lisa RIos said...

Beyond Cosmetics looks like a new brand for me, but their products look good. The lip shades are quiet awesome, the Burgundy looks so good for you & I would love to try out all of them.

Simple Mama At Home said...

Both these shades are quite nice. I like that they are not heavy or sticky on the lips as that is what will turn me away from a lipstick.