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Spotlight | Skinny Mint TeaTox.

And just like that, we're down to the last day of August! It's September tomorrow, and the next thing we know, it's almost Christmas! Now before this day officially ends, allow me to share with you my Skinny Mint TeaTox experience.

If you're following me on Instagram, then you've probably chanced upon my Skinny Mint photos and how this product has made me into a tea convert. (Insert expressions of shock here, haha!) It's no secret that I'm a coffeeholic, consuming no less than 2 cups of coffee a day. My mornings are never complete without my favorite cup of Joe, and I just have to have a cup of coffee beside me whenever I write or work on a blog post.

But after doing the Skinny Mint TeaTox program, I now look at tea in a different light. Would you believe that I now drink tea more often than coffee? Yep, and I owe it all to my Skinny Mint teatoxing. Their teas taste really good - so good that now I consider myself a 'tea person' as well. :)
The Skinny Mint 28 Day TeaTox Program.
What's teatox, you might ask. Simply put, it is tea + detox. It’s an effective and natural way to cleanse your body by drinking tea. Teatoxing helps you to boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, reduce bloating and burn fat. It's not a diet or a meal replacement, so yeah, you eat as you normally would and you need not deprive yourself of anything. Of course, it would be best if you eat clean and healthy, but I know the feeling of not being able to say no to pizza. Or doughnuts. Haha! :)

Now when you do the Skinny Mint TeaTox program, you get to drink two different blends of tea. There's the Morning Boost which you take before or during breakfast, while the other is the Night Cleanse, which you take every other night after dinner or before you hit the sack.

I love how these tea bags are not made of paper.
The bags don't stick to each other, and they don't rip apart.
The Morning Boost contains approximately 62 mg of caffeine, which is good since I don't think I can function properly without caffeine in my system.
Morning Boost to start your day. 
What the Morning Boost is made of.
Plus, it's made with all-natural ingredients, which are formulated to complement each other, with guaranteed effects. I know that for a fact because it was quite easy for me to fend off food cravings while I was teatoxing. :)
And what you get. :)
The Night Cleanse, on the other hand, helps to flush out toxins overnight. It has a laxative effect, which is the perfect way to wash away your guilt after indulging in heavy meals (goodbye, pizza, pasta, and potatoes, haha!).
Night Cleanse before bedtime.
The ingredients.
The promise.
I love how this tea made me sleep better at night, and how it made me feel less bloated. I also love the combination of ginger root and orange leaves in this blend - very soothing to the throat, and very aromatic, too!

It's been almost three weeks since my teatox program ended, and I'm quite happy with the results. 
I lost 3 kilograms with the program, which to me is pretty good considering that I did very little exercise during that period. Also, I got sick during the second week of my teatoxing - fever, cough, and colds and I blame the erratic Philippine weather for it - so I wasn't able to drink tea for about a week. (Thus extending my supposedly 28-day program.)
Say hello to my 17-year-old Elmo mug. 
The Night Cleanse is love. :)
I'm actually looking forward to doing another round with these Skinny Mint teas. There should be a 4-6 week break between each teatox, so I guess my system would be ready towards the end of September. Gotta shed a few more pounds before the holidays, you know! :)

Now if you would like to try the Skinny Mint TeaTox Program, simply visit the Skinny Mint website to order. You can pay via Paypal or with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card. The best part? It won't take an eternity to receive your order, and they ship worldwide for FREE!

Skinny Mint
US: 347-602-4551
Singapore: +65 6750 4478
United Kingdom: 020 7048 3339
Australia: (03) 9008 4282

11 replies:

Erin S said...

I have tried detox products and they tear my stomach up!! I will have to try the tea

Karen Dawkins said...

I'm allergic to some of these teas, but I love ginger root tea before bed. I wish I could use them!

Dominique Goh said...

Those teas sounds really refreshing. Which one is your favourite?

Esme Sy said...

I love that it's labeled with days. Also, that it comes in different flavors other than just getting one bag of the same tea and having to drink it for a month.

Unknown said...

I think Skinny Mint teas would be a great way to drop a few pounds before the holidays! Adding the Night Cleanse before bed also sounds like a great way to rid your body of unwanted toxins!

Liz Mays said...

I really appreciate how it cuts down on bloating. I hate that! I also appreciate the boost of caffeine in the morning.

Unknown said...

I want to try something like this. I need something to kick some of my sugar cravings to the curb. Thank you for sharing.

debdenny said...

Sounds like a great tea. I need to think about this,

Holly @ Woman Tribune said...

I just recently gave up coffee and am also a newly-converted tea drinker. I've heard a lot about these teatoxes, but have never tried one before. I like that Skinny Mint can cut down on bloating and it sounds like you have had favorable results with it.

Holly @ Woman Tribune said...

I just recently gave up coffee and am also a newly-converted tea drinker. I've heard a lot about these teatoxes, but have never tried one before. I like that Skinny Mint can cut down on bloating and it sounds like you have had favorable results with it.

Kristine said...

How was it delivered to you? Was it delivered to your specified delivery address or did you have to claim it from the post office?