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Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | Unique Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life.

If you have a man in your life who's difficult to shop for, then you may need some unique gift ideas that will surprise him with something amazing. The specific gift that you choose should depends on what the person likes, but you can use these ideas to help you come up with your own unique gifts.

A Beer Tour
Some of the important men in your life probably have a fierce love for craft beers. According to the Brewers Association, the craft beer industry adds 1.2 new breweries in the United States per day. This growth primarily comes from men who are just as interested in drinking beer that tastes great as they are drinking beer that will give them a buzz.
Image via Flickr by jronaldlee
The brewing industry has also added jobs to tourism. As more breweries appear, more tourism companies create tours that make it easy and safe for beer aficionados to have drinks at some of the best taprooms in town. Any man who loves beer would also love to take one of these tours.

If your man doesn't drink beer, then you could replace it with a barbecue, pizza, or burgers tour. There's an option for every food niche.

Golf Lessons from a Pro
Although the number of golfers has declined in recent years, plenty of men still play golf to relax. It's even popular among Millennials, 6.5 million of whom say they play golf.
Photo credit: Jim Delaby
A man who loves playing golf has to constantly push his boundaries to keep the game interesting. That's why it makes sense to buy him a few golf lessons with a professional. Many golf and country clubs employ professional golfers who give lessons. Just a few hours of help from a pro could push a man's game to a whole new level.

If your guy already has the perfect swing, then you can use a website like Cloud 9 Living to find unique gifts for men, such as tee times at exclusive clubs and tournaments in your area.

Tickets to see his Favorite Sports Team
Every sports fan dreams of front row seats during a grueling match between rivals. If you know a man who absolutely adores a certain sports team, then you already know what to get him for the holidays as well as birthdays and other special events.

Talk to your local sports team early to get tickets. Whether it's baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, the best seats go quickly. You should also ask the team whether it has special tickets that include free food, drinks, or other niceties that will make your man's day even more fun.

A Surprise Weekend Trip
Some men love the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Other men prefer a quiet campsite in Oregon. No matter what your favorite guy prefers, you can surprise him with a weekend trip.

Photo credit: Telegraph UK
This isn't the kind of gift you can throw together at the last minute. You'll need to find out things like:  - What he likes to do while traveling
 - Where he likes to go when he has time to get away
 - Whether he prefer relaxation or excitement
You want to cater the trip to his unique preferences, so starting asking pertinent questions months in advance.

Flying Lessons
Men have spent thousands of years thinking about flight. Of course, today, anyone can just purchase a ticket and fly through the air at over 500 mph. Learning how to operate a plane, however, is a completely different kind of adventure.

It's an adventure that you can give your aspiring aviator. Many cities with small airports offer basic flight instruction for professionals and amateurs. If you know a man who would like to pilot his own plane, then this is a great option that could fulfill his dream. With help from a trained professional, practically anyone can operate a small plane during flight.

The man in your life will probably talk about it for years. Do you know someone who would love one of the above gifts? What other unique gifting ideas can you think of for men?

11 replies:

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

These are really awesome gift ideas!:) Will definitely try one of it when I get the budget!

Rachee said...

My man would love that beer flight!

Masshole Mommy said...

Those are all great ideas. A beer tour would be fun for me, too!

Christy G said...

These are all great choices. My husband would like the beer tour.

Lisa said...

I didn't know they did beer tours! My hubby would love that!

Erika Awakening said...

It's nice to have someone other than me come up with the gift ideas for once! ;)

Simple Mama At Home said...

There are some wonderful gift ideas here! They are very different from the usual gifts given.

Xtreme Qpon - Angela Christopher said...

Thanks for a great gift idea for my man, I'll try the surprise weekend trip thank you very much!

ReviewsSheRote said...

while Beer and Golf are not TOPS on my Mans list --I know many that would think these are awesome---I do like the getaway trip....flying lessons not so sure =]

mail4rosey said...

I've gifted hubby a beer tour before and he loved it. You've got some great ideas here!

Lisa RIos said...

All these are great ideas. Seems to be unique gift ideas and differs from usual way of gifts. Thanks for sharing.