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Spotlight | NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea.

If I were to sort my makeup stash and arrange them from cheapest to the most expensive, then this baby would be at the head of the pack.

The NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea, which I got from Tita Mac of Smart Shopper, is a steal for just Php 100! This is what I love the most about Tita Mac's 'Goody Boxes' - there's always drugstore makeup included in every shipment, at a price that you just could not resist.

Brush not included! :)
With four different colors in one pan, these finely-milled powder can be blended into one sensational shade, or can be used separately. Just so you know, I prefer to do the latter. :)

Although I'm not really into blue eyeshadow, I liked how the teal looked so pretty with the browns in this mosaic. The teal looks kinda pale, but the color is pretty buildable - whether you'd wear it lighter or darker is entirely up to you.
From L-R: Shade #1, Shade #2, Shade #3, Shade #4.
 The powders are soft and pack on my eyeshadow brush nicely, with almost no fall-out. Color pay-off and staying power is pretty impressive, too, considering its price. This product is pretty versatile, and you can create a 'coffee to cocktails' look with it.

Too bad it only comes in one size - a mere 0.09 oz. It would have been nice if they will have a bigger size available, which I doubt since I couldn't even find this item on the NYC site.

And because I've been missing out on my 'face of the day' posts, here you go! 

Products used:
L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
Skin Food Good Afternoon BB Cream in Rose Lemon Tea
Missha The Style Undereye Brightener
Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey
NYC Color Wheel Eye Powder in Beyond the Sea
Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry
Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Liner in Dark Brown
Missha Viewer 270 HD Curl Mascara in Black
Sleek MakeUp Blush in Pomegranate
Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Baby Pink
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

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14 replies:

Kenya G. Johnson said...

What a beautiful color combination. That size would be perfect for me. Every time I price makeup I don't get any because I know its shelf life will be over before I put a dent in it.

Unknown said...

Czjai... you are sooo pretty and you wear those colors beautifully! Thanks for the info. Grace, peace and blessings, Carla

Raine said...

Those are very pretty colors! and they look great on you!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love bold eye shadows and my dark lids can take it. I usually go the darker the better!

Unknown said...

it looks wonderful! i love the color palette. i think that would be perfect for a mermaid inspired photoshoot :D

mail4rosey said...

You did a great job with the application of it. You look great! The colors really are nice and they transition well from summer to fall.

teJan said...

that is nice:) can I have one? hehe. I really like eyeshadows and that colors I usually pick:)

Animetric said...

Wow, all those colors for just P100? The blue seems to be a bit under-pigmented though but for the price I guess one can't complain. :)

Sharina said...

Definitely a must try accdg to your results :)

The Misty Mom

MrsMartinez | said...

I like your blush on! Parang rosy cheeks lang ang effect!


Czjai said...

Thank you for the kind words, everyone! :)

Michelle, Sleek MakeUP's blush is my favorite at the moment. Pa-tweetums ang effect, haha!

Unknown said...

Considering the price, wow that's a good one!

sigrid @beautylicious tips said...

hey i love those colors! i could really use them. and i like the fact that it has blues with the brownish hues :D

The Mommy Roves said...

nice! i see eyeshadows like this but didnt know how to use :p like your post!

Rovie, The Bargain Doll