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Stylish and Chic | Salon Work Uniforms.

One of my most favorite 'me-time' activities is going to the spa. Before I got pregnant and gave birth to our son, trips to the spa were a monthly ritual for me. Now that I'm a full-time-stay-at-home-do-everything-by-myself mom, I'd be lucky if I could visit the spa at least once in three months.

Thinking about it now makes me pine for some well-deserved 'spampering' even more! My entire body, worn-out and exhausted from all the housework, is in dire need of a soothing Swedish massage. Boy, do I miss the cozy ambience of my favorite spa - the relaxing scent of aromatic oils wafting throughout the place, the soothing music that fills the air, and the accommodating staff clad in stylish salon work uniforms. Their chic and trendy outfits would make any stranger think that they're working for an airline company or even a five-star hotel!

I wonder if they're donning a new design of salon work uniforms. The last time I visited (which feels like ages ago), my masseuse and the entire staff were wearing something similar to the photo above. Must definitely pay a visit to the spa soon so I can check their new uniforms out. Most importantly, my back is begging for a trip to the masseuse!

2 replies:

Babyposh said...

I love going to spa too. I like it so much. Very relaxing. ♥

Uniforms Super Store said...

Yes many times salon management changes their salon uniforms of their staff. Well this may be due to they want to show the reformations of their business.