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Spotlight | Sabanana Chips.

When I discovered Sabanana Chips a few weeks ago through a friend who sells them at their family-owned school, I knew right then and there that this was the product I want need for my upcoming food giveaway. After all, I'm all for green living and healthy eating, and what snack could be better than this?

Sabanana Chips in Sweet Original Flavor.
Paper-thin, bursting with flavor, with just the right crunch. They're packed in heat-sealed, stand-up pouches, complete with nutrition facts and product information. From there I found the Sabanana Chips website and sent an inquiry, asking if they would be interested in a product feature and giveaway sponsorship.

The response came right away, and Mr. Raymund Aaron (the brand's General Manager) was more than happy to provide the prizes for my giveaway. I had the chance to personally meet him over the weekend, as he drove all the way to San Pablo just to give me these. (Sorry, no photo opp. I was doing the laundry that day and I looked like crap, lol.)

A bayong (woven sack) brimming with bags of Sabanana Chips!

These mouth-watering chips are of the 'saba' variety (Cardaba banana) and are grown and produced at the Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort in Pagsanjan, Laguna. When ready for picking, the bananas are harvested, peeled, sliced thinly and then cooked via the “kawa sa pugon” (think huge cooking pan on a wood-fired oven) method all in the same day to ensure freshness.

They come in three flavors, too.

The classic goodness of the Sweet Original flavor.

The tangy Smoky BBQ flavor.

And the Roasted Garlic flavor, which my brother and I can't seem to get enough of.

Although Sabanana Chips are not available in groceries or supermarkets, there are lots of outlets all over Metro Manila and Laguna that carry the Sabanana brand. The Sweet Original flavor comes in 30g and 100g packs and are sold at Php 11 and Php 32, respectively. The Smoky BBQ and Roasted Garlic are available in 30g packs only.

And I really don't mind if my son mindlessly munches on these chips each time he watches the telly. Because these are not junk food! They're healthy food! Very, very healthy food! Compared to an apple, a banana has
  • 5x more vitamin A and iron
  • 4x more protein
  • 3x more phosphorus
  • 2x more carbohydrates
  • 2x more of other vitamins and minerals
  • loaded with potassium
And it combats a number of known illnesses, too!

I know most of the moms out there are smiling as they read this. Now let's turn that smile into a wide grin.
The winner of my May Buffet Giveaway will get a sack filled with all three flavors of Sabanana Chips, for FREE! Plus, I'm opening this giveaway worldwide so that my international readers can also have a taste of healthy, Philippine-made goodness!

The May Buffet goes live on May 1, 12MN EST and will run until May 15, 12MN EST. See you back here in a few hours, then! :)

For Sabanana Chips orders and inquiries, you may contact:

Villa Socorro Farm Healthy Chips, Inc.
B64 Victoria St., Magallanes Village, Makati City
Tel. No. 028526484 Fax No. 028516002
Mobile No. 09177140508

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21 replies:

i♥pinkc00kies said...

OMG!! i love banana chips!!!

Anonymous said...

We have this in the office cafeteria and it's a big hit!

Sumi Go said...

This is my kind of chips! :D I want!!! I'll be joining your giveaway, but I'll also get myself a few packs of Sabanana from their outlet :D

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

This is sooo my thing!!! I want these! I hope I see this in the market soon. I'd replace my regular potato chips for these healthier options! :D

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Banana chips are so my thing!!!! I want! I hope they sell these in the metro soon. These can definitely replace my potato chips. I'm all for healthier options :P

Animetric said...

Oh my these look different from the usual banana chips... I want to join the giveaway!!! :D

Lizzie said...

banana is really good for your health. Nice giveaway especially to the health buffs!

Lhyzie said...

sarap <3
i really love this chip. healthy :)

The Pepperrific Life said...

Thanks for featuring this, Czjai! My daughter is a huge fan of banana chips, and this seems like a new innovation.

Unknown said...

im now craving for it! i love banana chips!!

Hazel said...

that smoky bbq flavor is quite interesting for a banana chips! :D

nuts said...

my kind of chips! so healthy!

Iska said...

This must be the one I've tasted from a friend of mine! Dala nya mula Pilipinas... sarap nga nyan! Can't wait to have some again :-)

wenn said...

I missed banana chips..

Dude for Food said...

Delicious and healthy, nice!

Luna Miranda said...

i love banana chips, in fact, i have a scheduled post about banana, banana chips on Sunday.:p will definitely look for this brand. i usually buy Michelle's.

Tetcha said...

I haven't eaten banana chips in a long time, and it's good to hear that they now come in different flavors. I would love to try the smoky bbq flavor.

Raymund Aaron VSF said...

Hi Czjai! Raymund Aaron here from Villa Socorro Farm. I would like to thank you again for having us in your blog. It is truly our pleasure. Hope you enjoyed the bayong full of Sabanana Chips we gave you.

To everyone especially the lucky winner of the bayong full of goodies, enjoy snacking on these nutritious yet yummy Sabanana Chips! know I'm biased but once you've tasted Villa Socorro Farm Sabanana Chips, you'll drop whatever brand you're currently eating. Happy munching everyone!!!

maiylah said...

i love banana chips! must enter your giveaway... :)

thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Czjai
sensya na sa super late visit...moody ung internet!

Jessica Cassidy said...

what a perfect snack to munch Sis, healthy choice too :-) Dropping late from last weeks FTF

Jessica Cassidy said...

I love banana chips :-) perfect for a healthy snack :-) Dropping late from last weeks FF