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Shopping Fri-date!

I've always loved Fridays.

When I was still in school, Fridays would be our washday (ergo, no uniform day) and the last school day of the week. Yay, no more classes!

And in my previous job, Fridays meant wining and dining with my sales colleagues and/or my girl friends at work. It also meant the start of another quality-time weekend with my husband.

Fridays are even more special now that I'm a mom. It's the day when I take Yue to the mall, go shopping, do the groceries, eat at his favorite fastfood chain, and play at the arcade.

Fully Loaded at KFC!

He loves the Plants vs Zombies Snack Box.

Hammin' it up with Lucky Duck.

He's the Lactacyd mascot.

That priceless smile.

Fearlessly riding the carousel by himself. 

Enjoying the ride.
As always,

 it's Friday

I'm in love. <3

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10 replies:

i♥pinkc00kies said...

awww quality time :))

Holly said...

Cute photos, especially the ones with the duck! :)

Unknown said...

That sounds like the most perfect day : ) I am glad you have such a fun son! : )

Czjai said...

Thanks everyone!

Yeah, I love those photos with Lucky Duck, too. :)

Kisa 'Yuki' J. said...

He is so precious!

I am here from the Exposure 99% hop!

Aiketa said...

I love the funny pic of your son with the duck and also the two last ones of you and him. Beautiful!

I'm visiting from The Simple Things.

Regards from Barcelona.

rebecca said...

Adorable photos! :)

Mel_Cole said...

awww, so cute mommy and son bonding :)

Unknown said...

VIsiting from Mommy and Me. Cute little guy!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Sound like you are definitely keeping the friday fun alive!