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Get a Flattering Look Instantly With Shapewear Outwear for a Perfect Fit and Style.

Shapewear has been around for a long time to shape the body and accentuate natural curves. Of course, it boosts women's self-confidence and increases self-love, too. Long known as slimming undergarments, the huge popularity of modern shapewear is now turning it into the new outerwear. Shapewear is becoming a fashion statement in its own right.

Innovative, flattering and fashionable designs blur the boundaries of shapewear as a tight undergarment that must be hidden under clothing. Instead, now you can see many celebrities and fashion influencers wearing shapewear as gorgeous outfits for any occasion. Shapewear outerwear is the trend, and we are here for it!

The concept of shapewear undergarments as outerwear is actually nothing new. However, the influence of social media has made the shapewear outerwear style more popular than ever, and many are loving it. If you want to dip your toe into this trend, follow this simple guide on how to style your shapewear outerwear for a flattering look, below!

1. Pair With Jeans

Lace Glamour Leavy Florals Long Sleeve Bodysuit

You can never go wrong with this combination, a figure slimming bodysuit and high-waisted jeans!

Shapewear bodysuits are the best pieces that you can consider wearing as shapewear outerwear. It's actually a better choice than other types of tops. Shapewear bodysuits not only elevate your look with trendy designs, but also give you a shaping effect that you can get instantly, from flattening your stomach, sculpting your waistline to smoothing out your silhouette.

You can find many bodysuits in flattering designs at Shapellx. This brand offers the best shapewear in a variety of designs, including slimming bodysuits in a wide selection of fashionable styles, patterns and colors. The best style is completely yours. Jeans will go perfectly with everything, and so will a bodysuit. Whether it's the most basic design, V-neck, cut-out, long sleeve or halter-neck, the duet combination of shapewear bodysuit and jeans will give you a stunning streamlined look that you can wear comfortably every day.

2. Drape The Blazer

PowerConceal™ Mixed Color Racerback Bodysuit

If you want a preppy style, throw an oversized blazer over your shapewear bodysuit. This time, choose a bodysuit with a minimalist design and neutral colors as a base, so you can easily mix and match with various blazers like an expert.

Even if combined with any bottoms, shapewear bodysuits will give you a tucked-in look that stays tidy all day long. Shapewear bodysuits provide compression that can help you eliminate muffin tops and achieve a smooth silhouette instantly. This style will look elegant for all occasions. However, before you steal this style, make sure you choose a quality tummy shaper or bodysuit made from light, high-elastic fabric to support your comfort.

3. Sheer Layering

AirSlim® See-Through Mesh Smoothing Bodysuit

You can create layering styles in many ways. If you have shaper shorts, it's a great idea to layer them under a see-through dress for a chic look, as has been seen a lot in recent street style. Shaper shorts not only provide a modern fashionable touch, but also accentuate your natural curves in a much better version.

You can also achieve a more feminine yet adorable style by combining a see-through smoothing bodysuit under a strapless mini dress. This look is inspired by one of Shapellx's hottest items right now, the AirSlim® See-Through Mesh Smoothing Bodysuit. Not only can it take your look to the next level, the shapewear bodysuit also offers a comfy sculpting effect that will make your dress fit better on your body. Steal this look before this fall and winter ends, or you will regret it later!

4. Mix And Match Shaping Leggings

AirSlim® Front Slit Flare Legging

While we are busy on shapewear bodysuits as a versatile top, shaping leggings are already queuing up next on the list. Indeed, shaping leggings are one of the best shapewear items for a cozy yet stylish everyday look that you shouldn't miss this year.

Many women look for a body shaper with butt lifter to tighten and shape an adorable bubble butt. Shaping leggings are one item that offers the same features, and that's why many women agree that in some ways, shaping leggings are better than jeans. This item gives the illusion of longer and slimmer legs, in addition to enhancing the shape of your butt. Better yet, shaping leggings can be worn as outerwear that goes perfectly with any top and layer, even your bodysuit. It can also pull out all the styles you want, from sporty, casual to cute.

5. Wear A Shapewear Dress Or Shaping Jumpsuit

Built-In 360° Draped Mesh Shaper Dress

The real definition of effortlessly stylish is wearing a shapewear dress. This item can give you everything in one piece, comfort, flattering look and perfect sculpting. You don't even need any other pieces to make it stand out, it looks gorgeous in its own way!

Shapewear dresses are a modern shapewear innovation that offers versatility and practicality. Their flattering designs can embrace any style and elevate your look for all occasions. While its pretty dress knocks your mood, the built-in shapewear provides a perfect hourglass sculpting and support to boost your confidence. Apart from shapewear dresses, you can choose shaping jumpsuits for a chic and fancy style. Either way, it will definitely look stunning on you!

6. A New Trend Alert: 2-in-1 Shapewear Tops

Built-in Shapewear 2-in-1 Overlapping V-neck Top

We always have space to talk about shapewear bodysuits, right? A new trend alert has been dropped in the shapewear industry. Now officially offered by the popular brand Shapellx, the 2-in-1 shapewear tops, which are taking the stage this season.

This shapewear provides a stylish and comfortable look from the outer layer, plus slimming and shaping features from the inner layer. This best shapewear provides full support for the breasts, tummy, waist, buttocks and thighs, which allows you to achieve your best curves flawlessly. If you have this item in your wardrobe, it means you are ready to bring your shapewear out from under your clothes!

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