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4 Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly Halloween Party.

While Christmas stands front and center as a favorite holiday for kids, Halloween doesn’t shy away from sharing that spotlight. With its promise of delicious candy and incredible costumes, the holiday brings plenty of fun opportunities to the table.

This fact becomes even more profound when you are tasked with throwing a kid-friendly Halloween party. The pressure to plan a perfect evening is so palpable that you can practically taste it. But it isn’t nearly as delicious as any popular Halloween candy.

To help you rise to the occasion and plan a stellar get-together for your child and their friends, here are 4 tips for throwing a Halloween party for kids.

Girls Generation Yuri and EXO Xiumin in SMTown Wonderland 2018,
SM Entertainment's annual Halloween party.

1. Go Big on Invites
No matter what type of event you’re planning, formal invitations stand out as an essential part of the process. This also holds true for Halloween parties, even if you are organizing them for kids. In fact, they are even more prominent when your guests look at the event as the highlight of the season.

By picking fun, warm, and welcoming designs for these invites, you can fulfill the recipients’ expectations without any issues. As long as you maintain a joyful vibe through your chosen design, you can achieve your goal of making the party a memorable event for your child and their friends.

SHINee in 2014, with Jonghyun dressed up as a Titan.

2. Pay Attention to Costumes
When you throw a Halloween party for kids, you need to show you are serious about the event and not brush it off as a silly tradition. The best way to achieve this feat is by finding womens and mens costumes for Halloween to wear during the party.

Regardless of whether you dress up as a space princess or a superhero, this small step can ensure plenty of joy for all your little guests. You can also go a step beyond to match your costume with your child, which can become a Halloween tradition and elevate their joy to no end.

Chanyeol in his Iron Man costume.

3. Set Up Games and Activities
In order to make the party a fun event, make sure to plan some games and activities that can keep your guests busy. This can range from a Halloween pinata to candy Jenga. If your child is excited by the idea of winning prizes, you can tie these games to some sort of reward.

You can also set up a showing of popular movies for kids, ensuring that their time at the party stays free of boredom. It all depends on what your child wants to do. But the more activities you have at the party, the more fun it is for the participants.

Onew as Colonel Sanders.

4. Plan a Big Party Menu
If there’s one thing that kids love more than dressing up, it is eating delicious food that stands apart from home cooking. From burgers to pizza, you can plan a big menu for your party to treat your guests to an enthralling Halloween evening. While the dishes don’t have to be fancy, you need to make sure that they are appetizing for everyone.

To make sure that you aren’t going against any dietary restrictions, you can get in touch with other parents before finalizing your menu. This helps you stay away from uncomfortable and unsafe situations while also keeping your young guests’ wellbeing in mind.

Final Thoughts
Throw in a few decorations, and you can make sure that the party becomes a highly excitable affair for your child and their friends. As a result, you can easily pull off the otherwise complicated task of throwing a memorable yet kid-friendly Halloween party.

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