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Hair Extensions and You | Things to Consider.

Hair extensions are artificial integrations that add length and fullness to human hair. Not everyone is blessed with a head full of hair, due to various reasons, some people have very thin hair that tends to recede, making them go bald much earlier than expected. To counter this, hair extensions were created.

For many, hair is a source of confidence, and the lack of it causes most even to avoid stepping outside. Hair extensions have been used for ages to make people feel good about themselves and spot any look that they want. The hair extension market is vast with so many brands, each of them promising the best results. Before going out to buy some for yourself, here are the factors you need to put into consideration.
IU, Palette.
IU, Palette.
The market is saturated with knockoff products that can do more harm than good. When it comes to hair extensions, you need to go for quality for various reasons. First, they look better on the head, knockoff variations never maintain the shine for long, a few minutes under the sun, and they get fizzled up.

Secondly, quality hair extensions are durable. You can rock them for long without them losing their shape or getting tangled up. Make it a habit to buy hair extensions from suppliers who source them from the best hair product manufacturer in the market.
The Length
You have to first know the length of the extension you wish to buy. Hair extensions come in different lengths, from short ones that barely touch the shoulders to longer ones that reach the lower back area. To determine the length of the extension, measurements are taken starting from the center of the tips.
Photo credit: NikolayFrolochkin on Pixabay.

The Cost
High-quality extensions cost a lot since they are made using superior methods and quality materials. Bigger extensions also cost a lot more than smaller ones. There also is the issue of real and synthetic extensions. Real extensions are costlier than synthetic ones. It all depends on what you need and your purchasing power. You can also go for the generic types that are not as good as the original products but can still get the job done all the same.
Dahyun of Twice.
The Color
By the time you decide to go for hair extensions, you already have a specific look in mind that you plan to pull off. Visualize it properly while considering your wardrobe. The hair extension color that you chose has to match with most of your clothes., The last thing you want is to pair a wild hair color with outfits that do not match, you will only stick out like a sore thumb.

Your Level of Commitment
Hair extensions require a lot of attention and care. The energy it takes to maintain them so they could last longer can take a toll on you if you are not used to that kind of lifestyle. You will need to properly tie it up before going to sleep, conditioning it now and then so that it does not tangle up on you and so on. You will also have to buy specific shampoos and conditioners that go well with each type of extension. That is an added cost that requires the highest level of commitment.

Hair extensions come in three main textures; straight, wavy, and curly. Each is designed for different personalities and functions. If you are looking for a formal look that is perfect for a job interview, then you should go for straight extensions. Wavy and Curly ones are designed for informal settings like parties or when going for a vacation.
Red Velvet.
Temporary vs. Permanent
The term permanent hair extension does not in any way mean that the hair is set in for life. It refers to hair extensions that can be worn for an extended period, up to 3 months. Temporary extensions include hair that uses clip-ins and flip-ins and is used for that quick event like a party invitation that came in unexpectedly. Temporary hair extensions can be attached in less than 10 minutes.

Ease of Use
It would help if you went for hair extensions that are easy to set up, the type that you can be able to handle on your own in case they come off. Some hair extensions can only be managed by your hairstylist, and this can be an inconvenience if you have to rush to the salon every few days. Temporary hair extensions are the most preferred since you can clip them back on any time they come off.

The Weight
Hair extensions come in different weights depending on the nature of your hair. The smallest one is 80g and is suited for those with thin hair. The next weight class is 100g and is suited for those looking to add some volume to their hair. The next weights are 120g, 160g, and 180g, which are for those with very thick hair but are looking to increase the length.
Photo credit: kaleido-dp on Pixabay.

The Salon
Once you have found the perfect hair extension, it is time to have it attached to your head. Everything you have done to this point will be for nothing if you end being attended to by a stylist who is out of their depth. Choosing the right salon for the set-up is as crucial as finding the right hair extension. A good hairstylist will even stock up on hair extensions that are right for you, thus saving you the trip of having to go searching in other places.

Beauty comes at a price; this is the reason the global hair extensions and wigs industry rakes in annual sales of over $10b. Narrowing down the hair products that suit you best is a hard task; you will have to sift through the many brands that are trying to conquer the ever-growing market. Keep these considerations in mind next time you go shopping for hair extensions.

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