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Sneak Peek | Holika Holika x Peko Collection.

It seems like collaborations with food brands will be this year's trend in the K-beauty industry as another exciting collection is about to come our way!

Korean cosmetics brand Holika Holika, known for its 'fun and practical' makeup and skincare products, has recently joined hands with Japanese confectionery brand Fujiya Co. for this super cute, absolutely adorable makeup collection. Kawaii! 
Holika Holika x Peko Collection!
View the complete Holika Holika x Peko Collection after the jump!
The Holika Holika x Peko Collection features Peko, the lip-licking girl with pigtails who's also one of the most recognizable characters in Japanese pop culture. Originally created as a promotional character of the Fujiya cake shops in the 1950s, Peko is also known as the poster girl of Milky - Japan's iconic chocolate bars with milky cream filling.
Milky Chocolate. :)
A real eye-candy - literally and figuratively - the Holika Holika x Peko Collection includes a Glow Cushion, two sets of eyeshadow palettes, five shades of Tint Bombs, two shades of Jelly Blushers, three variants of hand creams, and a Bun Puff which resembles an actual cream puff.
What's included in this collection?
Glow Cushion, 20000 won.
Shadow Palette, 11000 won each.
Tint Bomb, 8900 won each.
Jelly Blusher, 11000 won each.
Hand Creams, 16000 won/set of 3.
Bun Puff, 3500 won.
Makeup items are sold individually, or can be bought as a Special Set which comes in a foil packaging similar to Peko's Milky Candies.
Holika Holika x Peko Special Set.
The Holika Holika x Peko Collection will be available in Korea starting May 3. 
Counting down the days 'til I return to 'my other motherland' and do a massive K-beauty shopping! :)

15 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

What a cute little make up set. I honestly though it was candy at first! LOL!

Megan said...

Oh my gossshhhh these look so yummy! I want to eat them all! Plus - this packaging is way too cute.

kristy b said...

This is so cute! My daughter would love this makeup! Can we order it in the US and have it shipped?

Amanda Likes to Travel said...

So cute! Thank for sharing, I want to check it out for myself!

Amanda Likes to Travel said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing, I want to check it out for myself now

brit said...

I love this set! It looks so fun, vibrant, and like they have great products.

Ali Rost said...

It all looks so yummy, probably because I'm used to these being chocolate and sweet treats! I love the collection and it's a cute collab!

Elizabeth O said...

This looks like such a fun collection, I like the bright and cheerful packaging that they have chosen. Hopefully the product is as good as the packaging :)

Amy said...

Oh wow, THese are so cute. My kids would love this for sure. I have to look into this.

Anchored In Elegance said...

Candy and cosmetics? Sounds like a perfect combo mixing together two of my favorites. Thanks for sharing this information. These are really so adorable, would make a wonderful gift for a teen girl.

Unknown said...

What cute packaging, love the graphics so fun.

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure these would be dangerous in my house. My kids would try to eat it.

Gladys Parker said...

I love this food and cosmetics concept it is just too cute! The colors and labeling is unique. My granddaughter will love this combination of make up.

Unknown said...

The Holika Holika x Peko Collection looks so adorable. My gf would really love this so much!

Becca said...

These collaborations between food and beauty brands are pretty cool! My friend Kellee would love these products x