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The Top 5 Benefits of Co-sleeping with your Kids.

Kids and sleep go hand in hand, which is a good thing because sleep is very important. However, parents need just as much sleep but the question has always been, should you or should you not sleep with your kids. There are people who would never allow it because they tend to think that the kids will become clingy and dependent but there are those who prefer to sleep with their kids every night.

What most people believe is that co-sleeping affects the child psychologically but study show that it does not affect cognitive or behavioral development in kids negatively. As a matter of fact, co-sleeping has numerous benefits and affects the children positively in the long run.
Co-sleeping, why not? 
Ease of breastfeeding
Co sleeping with the kids while they are young allows you to breastfeed without having to leave the bed. The child does not even have to sleep in the same bed as you because you can use one of the best rocking bassinets as a co sleeper. Mothers who sleep next to their babies are more attuned to their babies as they are attuned to their mothers as well. The mother will react to the baby stirring and feed them before they start crying.

Kids get enough care giving and everyone gets enough sleep
When co sleeping, the mother does not allow the child to cry since being close allows them to feed the baby sooner. When the baby does not cry then nobody has to get up and everyone in the home gets enough rest through the night.

Co sleeping babies get a lot more attention and protective care than those who sleep separately. As a matter of fact, parents who co sleeps exhibit protective behaviors like cuddling, stroking more adjusting the blanket at least five times more.

Higher self esteem
Study has shown that boys who co-slept with the mothers between their births to five years have higher self-esteem and experience less anxiety and guilt. For girls, co sleeping is associated with comfort about physical contact and affection when they grow up. Co sleeping promotes intimacy, confidence and self-esteem.

Positive behavior
A study shows that children who never co slept with their parents are harder to control, throw more tantrums and are less happy in general. These children also experience more fear than those who co-sleep with their parents all night.

Safety advantage
Co sleeping had safety benefits in the sense that kids do not fall in deep sleep that can cause life threatening apneas of breathing pauses. When kids sleep with their parents, smelling their mothers close or hearing them snore helps them, to sleep lighter.

Study has shown that co sleeping exhibits a feeling of satisfaction in life. Kids who sleep with their parents also know that they have nothing to be afraid of in the bedroom and once they grow old enough to sleep on their own, they are more positive and feel more secure about sleep time.

5 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

Hmmmm - I will cross this bridge with my husband when the KID thing comes into our lives.

Unknown said...

Interesting subject, I always thought it wasn't a good thing to do. I'm sure it also depends on the situation.

Unknown said...

We sleep with the dogs, when my niece was younger she would spend the weekend and sleep with me

travelpogi said...

i couldn't agree more! children who co slept with their mothers when they were babies are happy children. they feel more secured and protected. and they will grow with self confidence..thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

I don't mind co-sleeping with my child. They will eventually out grow it. I just feel more at peace when I know that my baby is sleeping next to me, safe and sound.