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How to Select the Perfect Clothes for your Body Shape.

Women are beautiful. Women have curves and these curves become a topic of discussion more often than not. These curves define their body structures as per their bust, hips and waist. The amount of fat deposited in these areas is generally a factor of your genetic composition, of the diet and the exercise regime. Primarily, there are four body structures defined for women and each of them is wonderful in their own way. Dressing according to their body structure allows women to flaunt their curves in all the right places making them more beautiful. Here, we present to you the different body structures, how they are defined and what type of clothing must be worn to accentuate the curves.

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1. The Apple Body Shape
This body type is usually top heavy meaning that the bust is usually 3 or so inches bigger than the hips. The arms and legs are slim but the shoulder is broad and protruding. The middle section is also broad just above the waist line.

Women with such a structure must try to avoid attention from their mid waists and shoulders. Try wearing long sleeved shirts and blouses with a V-neck that will divert attention towards your busts instead of shoulders. Wear bottoms that are flared instead of skinny ones so as to balance your upper body and lower body. Wearing the pants and bottoms below the hip bone will divert attention from the waist line. It is very important to not wear dresses which have belts on the waist as it will flaunt all the wrong curves.
Photo credit: 40 Plus Style.

2. The Pear Body Shape
This body structure is the exact opposite of the apple shaped body structure. It is defined by hips that are quite larger than your bust, and the weight gathers around the hips, the thighs and the legs. This body shape is easily identifiable as the bottom is much heavier than the top.

Women with this type of a body structure must try to avoid attention from their hips and lower body. They must wear dark coloured bottoms as far as possible. They must wear tops that will accentuate their upper body and try to make their busts appear fuller by wearing padded bras and so that the upper and lower body look balanced. Wearing skinny jeans and too flared bottoms will only make the lower portion look very dis-proportionate. They must opt for straight pants with very little flair. Wearing heels will be helpful as they will make the legs look longer. This leads us to the question: are you looking for cheap shoes? If so, you can find them by searching online. 

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3. The Rectangular Body Shape
This body type usually has almost similar size of waist, busy and hips making it look rectangular. This is the least curvy body as all the part are of almost the same size. In some cases, the hips can be more shaped or the bust a little larger, but the difference is not enough to be defined as an apple or a pear shaped body. As this body shape has the least amount of curves, it is better to wear clothing that will accentuate those areas. Dresses with belts, skinny jeans, and clothes having a lot of frilling layers, embellished clothes, anything that ads weight will look good. Try avoiding baggy clothing like loose t-shirts as they will make you look boyish. You can also wear all the shorts and tights that are usually designed for women as you have pretty legs which can be flaunted. Wear tracks that you find in the women’s section of clothing stores for gym and exercising.

Photo credit: 40 Plus Style.

4. The Hourglass Body Shape
This is the least common body type with equal hips and busts and a well defined waist. Their curves are proportionate and in the right places and fat usually gets deposited either in the busts or the hips. The shape represents an hourglass, hence known as hourglass body shape.

People with hourglass body structure have adorable curves which they must cherish. Wearing clothing that will highlight your waist will indirectly draw attention to your curves as you have a thin waist. As you tend to have fuller busts, care must be taken to choose clothes which do not have a deeper neck-line. Go for V-necks as they will look flattering. Avoid very loose clothing as they will hide all your curves making it look boyish which will be an injustice to your beautiful body

Although these are the four main body structures, it is not a necessity that women will have one of these body structures. They may have a body that is a combination of 2 body types in which case she must make a proper combination of clothes.

Again, there is no right or wrong way of wearing clothes but accentuating and flaunting the curves in the right places adds more grace and makes a woman look more feminine. You can select clothes for yourself from a wide range at wholesale boutique clothing and make them all envious of you.

5 replies:

Eliz Frank said...

I love how you used the four body types to recommend suitable clothing. It makes sense that we look better when we wear clothes that flatter our body type.

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

Nice information sometimes we think that because we do not have the perfect body type that we cannot be fashionable but it is completely wrong. Thanks for sharing styles for us the n so perfect shape people =)

travelpogi said...

when i was younger,in my teens actually, i would say that i have an hour glass body shape.but now that i'm older and have four kids, my body is a combination of pear shaped body and rectangular body shape..thank you for sharing those valuable tips! i really had a hard time choosing clothes that will look good on me and my figure,

mail4rosey said...

There's something from each category that I just love. It does make sense though, to wear what best flatters our own body shape.

Unknown said...

YES to this awesome guide! I've struggled, time and time again when shopping for the right clothes and I end up hating my purchase. Thanks for this and the outfit ideas!