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Big Necklaces Can Make a Statement.

Among the biggest trends in fashion today is the "statement" necklace. These necklaces are given that name because they tend to be large, eye-catching, and make a true statement about the wearer's fashion choices and personality.

There are several different varieties of statement necklaces that are available for purchase in most stores and boutiques today. One of the more expensive options may be a necklace that includes actual gemstones. With these necklaces, a single, large gem hanging as a pendant can make a bold statement alone. Other options in this style can include necklaces made up of a great many smaller stones. These necklaces may feature stones arranged in an elaborate pattern.
Photo credit: Glamour.
A second bold option comes in the form of large, elaborate necklaces that feature natural-looking items. Some popular statement necklaces are made with glass, plastic, or other materials that are formed into the shape of flowers, butterflies, or other types of plants or animals. These necklaces are geared toward being worn with both formal and informal clothing, and tend to be a little less expensive than gemstone necklaces.

Tribal necklaces can also make a huge statement for the wearer, and are available for both women and men. These necklaces range in style vastly, depending on where you buy them and what type of necklace you may be looking for. Some feature long, oval-shaped stones surrounded by beading. Others mimic the style of regular statement necklaces, with large and small stones scattered throughout in a big pattern. While other statement necklaces are elaborate, they are not generally as brightly colored as those patterned after the jewelry worn by members of native tribes.

Finally, statement necklaces can come in the form of plentiful beads. These necklaces are available in a wide range of colors, and they consist of many different strands of beads fused together to form one large necklace. This style is popular in many different parts of the country among women from all walks of life due to its modern, yet classic look.

Making a statement is not hard, especially if you find the right type of jewelry. The catch with statement necklaces is to choose pieces individually. Don't overwhelm your body with too many large jewelry pieces, or with clothing featuring too many patterns. Keep it simple and let your chosen jewelry truly shine.

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