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Three Easy Ways to Control Mosquitoes in your Yard and Home.

It is seldom possible to eliminate all traces of mosquitoes from your yard, but with proper approach, you can gain control of the problem. In fact, it is possible to get rid of most of these pests from your yard and enjoy your outdoor summer evenings.
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Dispose of any sitting water.
Water can accumulate in several places outside of your home, and this is where mosquitoes will breed. By taking a look at every place that has water and disposing of this water, mosquitoes will lose most, if not all, of their breeding grounds.

Examples of this type of water can be a small can with leftover water from a recent rain. Water can also accumulate in rain gutters, because they need to be cleaned. Leaves and other debris can accumulate preventing water from draining property. All old, stagnant water needs to be removed.
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Spraying for mosquitoes.
A professional pest control company specializing in mosquitoes is the next step. A professional will be able to use a safe but effective chemical to destroy any and all mosquitoes on your property. They will also be destroying the eggs that could possibly exist.

A professional will know exactly where to spray, and will focus only in areas that need to be addresed. Those who attempt to do this type of spraying with off-the-shelf pesticides at a local hardware store will commonly spray in an uncontrolled manner. This creates health and safety problems for people and pets.
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Use mosquito repellents.
Once you have eliminated any safe havens in your yard for this insect and have had the yard sprayed by a professional, the final step is to use mosquito repellents when spending time in your yard. There are safe products that are available at your local hardware store that can be used whenever you are outside in your backyard.

One example is a coil that burns in the fashion of incense. They are fueled by harmless oils that mosquitoes cannot stand to be around. One smell by an intruder, and they will fly to another backyard. There are many good pest control companies, but remember to hire those whose specialty is killing mosquitoes and ticks in residential communities. One example of this type of company is the Mosquito Squad.

8 replies:

jyonash said...

I hate mosquitoes...of course I think everyone does!! :) Great tips...I try to be really careful of standing water in the kids outside toys, etc.

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are awesome steps to take to help control the mosquitoes in your yard and home. I have never used a professional to get rid of the pests before so I will have to check them out around my area since there is woods in my backyard. Thanks for sharing.

Lexie Lane said...

We get tons of mosquitos in the Summer. This could be really handy

Anonymous said...

Great tips! I want to add on to the list ^_^

If you're going away and you'll leave your house vacant, make sure to close the lid of your toilet bowl so that it will prevent any chance for breeding of mosquitoes too~ <3

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debdenny said...

Very smart ideas. Standing water is the first and best.

Lisa RIos said...

Yes, I do hate mosquitoes and it troubles a lot these days. You have listen some very simple yet powerful steps to control them. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I can send my kids to play in yard without any worries about these pests.

Katrina Kroeplin said...

oh that looks really cool. i'm going to have to try this out.

Eliz Frank said...

We've used a coil for ages and it helps but not 100%. I agree that the first step is moving that accumulated water.