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Scary fun at Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest 2014!

Halloween is just around the corner, and Ocean Park - Hong Kong's unique, homegrown theme park - is now set to give its visitors a memorable, spook-tacular, scream-tastic experience.
Performers from Ocean Park Hong Kong.
At a media launch held two weeks ago, characters from Ocean Park Hong Kong flew all the way to Manila to give us a sneak peek of their Halloween attractions. Some of the attractions include:
H14 at Thrill Mountain, The Summit.
H14 presented by Modern Education.
Admission to this ultimate haunted attraction will be restricted to persons aged 16 or above, and requires online registration in advance. Those brave enough can take the challenge alone, or go in a group of up to six people. Different from the usual spooks, H14 is designed to challenge the limits of the senses and the fright tolerance of each guest, who must overcome their phobias to complete different tasks as they advance through a series of locked chambers. More hauntingly still, the experience of each guest is specifically customized based on personal information collected before entering the attraction.

Rigor Mortis Live at Cable Car Plaza, The Summit.
Rigor Mortis Live presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong.
Together with film director Juno Mak, this attraction brings to life scenes from his award-winning movie, Rigor Mortis. This attraction will have its guests walking through dark corridors while being chased by a masked vampire.
Horror-wood Studios at Waterfront Plaza.
Horror-wood Studios.
One of Ocean Park's 'transforming attractions', Horror-wood Studios is actually Phantom Studios during daytime. At 5pm, the lighting, music and even the set design will change to reveal a new adventure of terror, thereby transforming the attraction into Horror-wood Studios. After guests leave the attraction, they can review their journey as captured on camera. A selfie video camera is also available for rent – a first for haunted attractions worldwide – so guests can capture and take home their most frightful moments.
Forest of Doom at Thrill Mountain, The Summit.
Forest of Doom.
A second transforming attraction is themed on the forest, changing from Forest of Legends during the day to Forest of Doom in the evening. In both incarnations, guests can collect unique commemorative seals on a complementary Ghost Journal at different spots throughout the attraction.

Chinese Mad-icine Hall at The Abyss, The Summit.
Chinese Mad-icine Hall.
Not for the faint of heart, this 'intense scare' attraction  features floating organs, a maze of corpses, and a mad doctor ready to experiment on his guests.
Doraemon Halloween Party!
Doraemon Halloween Party.
Asia's first Doraemon-themed Halloween attraction, Doraemon Halloween Party is catered to families for some good, clean, child-friendly fun. Doraemon & friends will showcase their new Halloween looks in Asia for the first time at Whiskers Harbour, where they can interact with the visitors.
Halloween fun!
Guests will be able to visit the Doraemon House of Gadgets, featuring his favourite gadgets such as the “Time Machine” and “Anywhere Door”, and take photos with various Doraemon decorations and meet-and-greet the gang of characters. Doraemon fans will also love the Doraemon-themed food and drinks, and merchandise.

During Halloween Fest, guests can enjoy fun and scares all day and night for the price of one regular ticket. As an added treat, Philippine Airlines passengers with valid boarding passes will enjoy a 12-percent discount on Ocean Park admission tickets. This promo will run until December 31, 2014. In addition, Ocean Park visitors can get a 10- to 15-percent discount on admission to 21 other theme parks worldwide, including our very own Enchanted Kingdom.

9 replies:

Savannah said...

This looks like a lot of spooky fun!! My brother and sister are always traveling to haunted houses they would love this :)

Kero said...

Halloween really is becoming a celebrated event in the Philippines! Not my favorite holiday but i love giving candies and chocolates to kids dressed up =)

Unknown said...

Looks like fun, i am just not into haunted places.. lol i do not like to be scared..

Rebecca Swenor said...

This would be so awesome to see indeed.
The costumes are amazing just like everything else. Thanks for sharing.

ReviewsSheRote said...

WOW looks thrilling--I think I'd stay in the family friendly area--I'm not much for blood and guts =/

Unknown said...

That is so cool! I love that it's not too scary! My son would be so thrilled to go!

Unknown said...

This looks really awesome! I would love to check this out with my kids.

Kath Rivera said...

I want to experience Halloween at theme parks most likely in Hong Kong.

Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

I heard about this! Super wanted to try this out pero I think I don't have the guts. hahaha.. super scared with Zombies kase :))