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Spotlight | MosRepel Anti-Mosquito Bracelet.

Dengue is a scary thing. For the first half of 2013 alone, there had been more than 42,000 reported dengue cases in the Philippines - 193 of them fatal. And just the fact that dengue can lead to hospitalization is enough to make me paranoid.

So don't be surprised if you see all sorts of anti-mosquito repellent stuff inside my home. From aerosol sprays to electric mats, from lotions to essential oils - name it, and I probably have it or have tried it before.

A few weeks ago, I have been tapped by Cudsly - an online store that sells practically everything you need for your babies and kids  - to review one of their products. I chose MosRepel, because I know this would come in handy once my son now that my son goes back to school.
Thank you, Cudsly!
As you can see, MosRepel is a bracelet that wards away mosquitoes, and other insects as well.
One pack contains two bracelets, which each bracelet good for up to 180 hours of use. Since my son stays in school for eight hours a day, one bracelet would be good for at least 22 days. 
Resealable container.
It comes in a resealable container, where you can store the bracelet when not in use.
MosRepel bracelets.
The rubber bracelets are laced with the strong scent of citronella, which is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating mosquito repellents. 
Button fastener.
These bracelets are water-proof and fit all sizes. I tried one on, and it fits. They come in a variety of colors, too. 
Ours come with a cartoon clip, too!
The pack that we received even had a cartoon clip, which the little man really loved. I reckon there are other clip designs, because the little man told me that his classmate was wearing one with a mosquito clip. 
MosRepel on Yue.
What I love about MosRepel:
- It works! 
- Waterproof.
- Adjustable, fits all sizes.
- Comes in a variety of colors.
- Affordable at Php 240 for a pack of two.
- Economical, since my son can use one bracelet for up to 22 (school) days.
- Safe for kids.
- DEET-free!
Little man showing off his airplane clip.
MosRepel Anti-Mosquito Bracelets are available at Cudsly, the one-stop destination for all your parenting needs. They ship nationwide, and offer free shipping for orders worth Php 1000 and above. 

12 replies:

Catch My Words said...

Not living in a tropical place, I had to look up the word "dengue." I'm glad I know nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Those are really cool. I have to share with my sister. My niece gets horrible mosquito bites.

Michelle F.

MikiHope said...

Where I live in New York we don't have to worry about Denge Fever thankfully. I am glad to hear that they came out with those bracelets to help protect the children and adults. As for me--I could probably use one--mosquitoes LOVE me.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Most important is IT WORKS!! I love the cartoon that come with it....then its more like a fun bracelet not a bug repellent for the kids.

Unknown said...

I need to wear this all the time.. I get bit all the time i hate going outside at night in the summer.

Lexie Lane said...

There was a movie I watched where these people put something around their neck and completely repelled mosquitoes! My dad had something like it when he went to the Philippines. So I know something like this would work!

Unknown said...

What a cool concept. We have many deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes in the Dominican Republic, yet it is not as common here in the USA. They still bite, though!

Unknown said...

I seriously need a couple of those we have a Nile virus problem in Texas lately there are mosquitoes everywhere

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

I'll share this information with my daugjter. They have mosquito s galore.

Ruth dela Cruz said...

I like cute mosquito repellants! I am sure kids will not mind wearing it than applying lotion to ward off mosquitos :)

I am thinking, this will be a good gift and giveaway for kids too :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

This is way better thank lotion style anti mosquito bite. Will def check this out! I hope they have girly girly design for my daughter! :)

Anonymous said...


Hi Czjai! Thank you so much for the review of EG Mos Repel! Please visit to see the other styles available!