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Hair Story | Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Cherry Wine.

Happy Monday, everyone! I bet you're all busy making some last-minute preparations for Christmas, which is but two days away! And before things get a little crazy here at home, let me share with you my latest hair coloring adventure.

You know I'm a big fan of Bubble Hair Coloring, right? This time around, I tried something different, from another Korean cosmetics brand. I'm talking about the Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream from Tony Moly. 
Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream.
Inside the box are the following: a tube of color cream (number 1), a bottle of liquid solution (number 2), a sachet of hair treatment, a pair of plastic gloves, and a plastic cape. Usage instructions and the list of ingredients can be found on the side panels. They're written in English on one side, and Hangul in the other.
English text, yay!
And for those who can understand Hangul, this side is for you! :)
The box also has a color chart, which can help you in choosing the perfect shade for your hair. From what I know, the Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream line has five variants and the shade I chose was 4R Cherry Wine.
Before and after.
To use, simply squeeze out the contents of the tube (number 1) into the bottle (number 2). 
Solutions 1 and 2. :)
Close the cap, and shake vigorously until the mixture becomes even.
Shake, shake, shake!
The mixture should look like this after a few minutes of shaking.
Purple-ish cream. :)
Once done, divide your hair into sections and start applying the color cream. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Apply the hair treatment afterwards, leave it on for at least five to ten minutes before washing it off.
Hair treatment.
Now here are the before and after shots of my hair.
From black...
To reddish brown!
What I love:
- Very affordable at Php 328 per box.
- Convenient and easy to use.
- It does a good job of lightening the color of your hair. 
- The scent! It smells like strawberries!

What you might not like:
- The hair treatment. It does moisturize and soften the hair, but my hair seems to like Etude House's Silk Scarf Hair Treatment a lot more.

Thinking of changing your hair color without having to go to the salon (because I bet most salons are jampacked by now until tomorrow evening, haha)? Why not give the Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream a try? It's easily available at Tony Moly boutiques and outlets nationwide, and they won't even cost you a fortune. Gotta be economical. Times are hard, you know. Haha. :D

9 replies:

Unknown said...

I've used Etude too.. and when the time comes that I'll use this one. I love strawberries too!

mystickitchen said...

Looks awesome! thanks for sharing!

Hazel☺ said...

It's nice to know that this one's a bit cheaper than etude house's bubble hair color! :) unfortunately i can't color my hair until the next few months, but will definitely keep this in mind. :) Thanks for sharing!

-Hazel (

Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for sharing sis, I want to try this din pag kita na yung roots. Ang mura lang compared to Prettia

Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for sharing sis, I want to try this din pag kita na yung roots. Ang mura lang compared to Prettia

ReviewsSheRote said...

The strawberry smell is intriguing =) I always dreamed of having hair the color of The Little Mermaids' =D Might be able to achieve it with this brand.

Unknown said...

I love the reddish color! It's very striking. I haven't colored my hair in about 3 years, but I'm debating going a darker brunette again. We'll see :)

Woman Tribune said...

That looks great! It looks like the hair color made a subtle change, at least with the light in your picture, but with brighter light that is probably so drastically different! I really like your new 'do!

Tetcha said...

I spend a lot for hair color in beauty salons. It's time I try doing it on my own using Tony Moly products which is quite affordable. Thanks for the heads-up!