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5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Planning Their Birthday

Having a birthday party is so exciting! There is so much to do and organising a party can be so much fun! This a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the planning stage. The anticipation of having a party can be just as exciting as the party itself. This is your child’s special day. Involving them as much as possible will make them feel extra special. There are so many things going on throughout the year and life is always so busy, so this is a great opportunity to let them do some planning for their special day.

Guest List
Ask your child who they would like to invite to the party. Depending on their age, it may also be necessary to invite some parents if the children are quite young. Decide how many guests you are able to host and stick to that number. With younger school age children, make sure they do interact with the names on the list as younger ones may want to invite the whole class! Also take into account any family members you may wish to invite.

Choose a Venue
Once you have decided on the number of guests, you can choose a venue. Ask your child whether they would prefer to have a party at home, have a party in the park or go to a venue that specifically caters for children’s parties.

Invitations are a great way to get children involved in planning their birthday party. You can get free templates on the internet and then print out the invitations or let your child make their own invitations.

Games can be difficult to decide upon. Write down a list of age appropriate games and explain what they are to your child. Depending on the length of time the party will go for, let your child choose as many games as practical.

Party food
Ask your child what food they would like to have at the party. Make sure you are aware if any of the guests have food allergies to nuts or eggs, for example. Decide upon a menu that is age appropriate. Also get your child involved in making up the party bags. Wherever your child decides to have their party, the preparation will be much the same. Some children opt for a few friends, whilst others will want to invite everyone they know. Some children may be happy with a family dinner with just one friend.

Whatever your child chooses, it is their birthday and it is their decision. Children also love to help with decorations. They can blow up balloons, put up streamers and decorate party bags or invitations with self inking rubber stamps. Rubber stamps have a multitude of uses and kids just love stamping away. You can get stamps saying ‘happy birthday’ or stamps with decorative images from online retailers such as Vistaprint. By getting your child involved in planning their party, it actually makes their birthday seem to go on for longer. Because this exciting event only happens once a year, your child will be absolutely thrilled to help with all the planning.

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