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How to level up your morning meal to achieve your health goals.

Working toward your health goals can be a long process, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. A small change to your diet, for example, can make the journey fun and worthwhile.

Here’s an idea: how about making plant-based milk drinks a part of your morning meals? Ready-to-drink milk brand Vitasoy is here to help you level up your breakfast with its range of delicious and nutritious plant-based milk drinks.

The brand offers three great-tasting, nutrient-packed milky variants: the soy-based Vitasoy Plus Milky and two new milk options: Vitasoy Plus Milky Almond, made from 100% almonds and oat-based Vitasoy Plus Milky Oat. What you’ll love about them is how they are nutritional powerhouses — packed with calcium, protein, and Vitamin D. Vitasoy Plus products are heart and gut-friendly as they are cholesterol and lactose free and low in saturated fat. With proper diet and exercise, these Vitasoy plant-based milk drinks will surely keep you strong and healthy while you enjoy that familiar milky goodness.

Don’t know which plant milk to choose? Vitasoy Plus Milky is soy milk that’s milky and creamy, even vegans couldn’t believe it’s plant milk! Vitasoy Plus Milky Almond has a creamy texture and roasted almond taste, while Vitasoy Plus Milky Oat has the rich, oat-y flavor and a milky texture and aroma. You can enjoy these plant-based milk drinks on their own, mix them in your morning cup of coffee or tea, or use them to elevate your breakfast game.

Check out some ideas below:

Milky Overnight Oats
Level up your overnight oats with Vitasoy Plus Milky Oat.

In need of a quick breakfast? Prep one the night before! Just mix Vitasoy Plus Milky Oat, oatmeal, chopped fresh fruit, and a sprinkle of nuts in a jar, place it in your fridge, and enjoy it the next day. For your fruit and nut toppings, you can try bananas or apples and cashews or walnuts. The creaminess of Vitasoy Plus Milky Oat enhances the various textures and tastes of this dish, making it a hearty and enjoyable meal.

Milky Breakfast Cereal
Enjoy your morning cereal with Vitasoy Plus Milky Almond.

Yes, you can level up your basic breakfast cereal with plant-based milk! Pour Vitasoy Plus Milky Almond over cornflakes, and add your favorite fruits like strawberries or mangoes. Vitasoy Plus Milky Almond’s delightfully nutty flavor will complement the crunch of the cereal.

Milky Korean Ramyeon

Experience Korean ramyeon the milky way with Vitasoy Plus Milky!

Balance out the heat in your Korean ramen by adding the creamy goodness of milk! Pour in some Vitasoy Plus Milky into your favorite Korean ramyeon recipe, further level up its protein content with egg! Mix in some chopped vegetables and enjoy your healthy Korean breakfast!

You know what they say, there’s nothing better than starting your day with a healthy and hearty breakfast. It’s time to make Vitasoy Plus’s plant-based milk drinks a regular part of your morning!

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