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The Art of Body Shaping: Popilush's Top Shaper Dresses Are Worth the Investment

Maybe you invested a lot of money in items that didn't look good on you. Either because it was in fashion, or because a friend recommended it. Know that it's normal. When you don't know an efficient strategy, any outfit will do.

But everything changes when you start investing in assertive pieces like a dress with built in shapewear, for example. Shapewear should be an essential item in your closet because it is capable of delivering the best in any woman. So, get to know the main Popilush dresses that you should invest in initially.

1. Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

A maxi lounge dress promotes perfect waist control through the double layer fabric. Choose colors that are trending like blue, pink and coral. Ribbed modal fabric is soft, breathable and moisture-wicking.

Built-in Shapewear Slip Mini Dress.

2. Built-In Shapewear Crew Neck Sleeveless Midi Lounge Dress

A dress with a round neck and sleeveless can give you a lot of elegance and be an ideal item to go to work. Midi length gives you many possibilities. It features comfortable modal fabric made from natural wood to encourage more ecologically conscious consumption. It features mesh fabric along the leg shapes to enhance curves.

3. Built-In Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses

You should invest in shapewear bodycon dress if you want a double dose of comfort. They have the same styling benefits but come in three different styles:
  • Slip Mini Dress
  • Slip Maxi Dress
  • Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
    Built-in Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dress.
You can invest in all three versions to create different looks for work and everyday life. They feature dual-layer waist control for perfect flattening of the tummy, creating a symmetrical and slim figure.

In addition, they promote the lifting of the butt through technology that delivers a BBL effect. The body shaper comes underneath, delivering a discreet modeling free of markings.

4. Built-In Shapewear Sexy Lace Slip Split Maxi Dress

Perfect for parties, graduations and even weddings. This shapewear dress features a deep V-neckline that helps shape an hourglass figure. You can also benefit from the adjustable spaghetti straps with delicate lace detailing that will give you just the right sexy look. The fabric is extremely soft. Breast lifting is guaranteed by the steel wire.

Built-in Shapewear Split Maxi Dress.

5. Built-In Shapewear Slip V-Neck Split Midi Dress

You can wear this dress to birthday parties or even some more formal evening event like a candlelight music concert which is super romantic. Combined with a square blazer it conveys elegance and good taste.

It's made of ultra-thin material with four-way stretch, giving you the extra comfort you're looking for in any outfit. In addition, it shapes the waist through the double- layer mesh fabric.

Adjustable straps allow this shaper dress to fit very well to any body type, becoming a democratic piece among women. Give preference to the vibrant color composed of red, which is on the rise among the main trends of the season.

Knit leg fabric shapes the legs for flattering, smooth curves. In addition, the side slit is a unique detail that helps in the composition of a perfect and well-structured body.

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