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5 Reasons Why Switching to the Samsung Topload Washing Machine is a Smart Choice.

The average size of a Filipino family is four people per household. Since Filipinos are tight-knit, this small household can expand over time as they welcome other relatives, new spouses, and newborns.

As such, a standard washing machine won't be enough to cater to an expanding household’s laundry. Bigger families have more clothes to clean, which also translates to higher electricity bills when using standard washing machines.

Samsung, the leader in improving home lifestyle and electronics, launches the Topload Washing Machine to give big loads of laundry a thorough wash at big savings.

Here are five reasons why the Samsung Topload Washing Machine is the smart choice for your home:

Fights big stains
Wine stains during a party, damp workout clothes after the gym, and the various kinds of dirt that kids attract when they play are just some of the things that a homemaker has to deal with. The Samsung Topload Washing Machine’s Ecobubble™ with Digital Inverter Technology washes clothes more powerfully and more efficiently. BubbleStorm™ creates bubbles that allow detergent to penetrate clothes 2.5 times faster with up to 20% better fabric care. Dual Storm™ creates a vortex of water for more effective cleaning. These technologies clean stubborn stains using up to 60% less energy and 11% less water.

Deep cleans clothes
Sometimes just washing clothes isn’t enough. The Samsung Topload Washing Machine gives clothes a stronger clean with Hygiene Steam Cycle. This cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum to attack germs and reduce up to 99.99% of common bacteria and allergens.

Washes more clothes in less time
Large piles of clothes may take the whole day to wash but SuperSpeed cuts the time so homemakers can spend more time with their family. SuperSpeed cuts laundry time by up to 40% and can wash a load in just 31 minutes without sacrificing powerful cleaning. This function also reduces water use by 20%.

Get bigger savings
Mountains of laundry usually mean higher electricity bills but the Samsung Topload Washing Machine can wash more clothes without breaking the bank. Its Digital Inverter Technology gives a quiet and powerful performance that’s also energy efficient. The washing machine is exceptionally durable and supported by 20 years of warranty, the industry’s longest to date.

Control the washing machine through a smartphone
Busy homemakers can still stay on top of heavy washing loads with the SmartThings app. The Samsung Topload Washing Machine has Wi-Fi connectivity so it’s possible to control it even from another room. Homemakers can select the cycle, temperature, and spin speed, and even get recommendations and notifications.

Upgrading to a newer and better washing machine is borne out of a greater laundry load. The Samsung Topload Washing Machine has the best capacity for bigger loads while offering savings with the power of inverter technology.

Find the Samsung Topload Washing Machine that fits your needs! Samsung offers 3 different models depending on its loading capacity. See table below for reference:

Capacity Model

Product Code

Samsung Topload Washing Machine 11 KG 


Samsung Topload Washing Machine 13 KG


Samsung Topload Washing Machine 15 KG


Make the switch to the Samsung Topload Washing Machine. For more information, please visit

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