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Pru Life UK offers FREE select infectious diseases coverage to 175,000 newborns with PRUBabies.

Pru Life UK, a leading life insurance company, is celebrating its parent company Prudential plc’s 175th anniversary by giving Free PRUMedCare - Select Infectious Diseases coverage to 175,000 newborns with PRUBabies. This is a testament of PRU Love to many more Filipino families, helping parents to protect their newborns against the cost of getting infectious diseases.

With PRUBabies, parents will receive cash assistance for diagnosis and death due to any of the four common types of infectious diseases, including Dengue, Typhoid, Measles, and Malaria. The Department of Health has warned the public to watch out for these diseases, particularly during the summertime.

The DOH further reported that the number of dengue cases during the first quarter of 2023 rose to an alarming number of 31,459, which is 73 percent greater than 2022. Likewise, typhoid cases in the country during the first quarter of 2023 increased by 89 percent.

Eligible customers can sign up for the PRUBabies free coverage plan by scanning the QR code voucher provided by their Pru Life UK agent. The code will direct the customer to the campaign website to complete the application form.

“We celebrate life with Prudential plc in its 175 years of helping generations of families get the most out of life. And what better way to celebrate life than providing free 6-month health protection called PRUBabies for 175,000 newborns with cash assistance against the cost of getting infectious diseases (typhoid, dengue, measles or malaria) in the Philippines. This initiative continues to fuel our passion to further drive-up financial inclusion for our Filipino babies who deserve to be protected right from birth,” says Eng Teng Wong, Pru Life UK President and CEO.

Pru Life UK’s PRUBabies program aims to make life insurance more accessible to many more Filipino families, especially the unserved and underserved communities.

The program will run until September 30, or until all 175,000 free voucher codes have been given away. Meanwhile, the free product offer may be redeemed anytime from the beginning of the registration until the end of the year. Terms and Conditions apply.

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